Beware The Ghost Warnings At This House In Texas

In 1895, a gentleman named Mr. Tarlton decided to build a Bed and Breakfast in Hillsboro, Texas.

The beautiful orange and yellow house was built in the Queen Anne Victorian style, which Ms. Tarlton was especially fond of.

For several years, the Tarltons prospered both personally and financially.

But tragedy is never far behind.

Beware The Ghost Warnings At This House In Texas

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A Brush with Death

Updated 2/11/2020 – Ms. Tarlton, who was Mr. Tarlton’s second wife, became severely ill.

Despite numerous efforts to help her, Ms. Tarlton tragically died.

Struck with indescribable grief, Mr. Tarlton realized he could not resume his happy life now that his wife was gone.

Local rumors say that he took a rope, climbed to the third floor of the bed and breakfast and hung himself.

Today, the Tarlton House remains a successful bed and breakfast in the community.

However, several guests have reported strange activity that occurs in the house—on the third floor in particular.

One guest, Victoria, had an experience that ultimately changed her life.

“I was eighteen when my family decided to take a mini vacation and stay at the Tarlton,” she began.

“I was struggling with depression at the time.

“Of course, I never told them this at the time but when I read that Mr. Tarlton had killed himself in the house, the information influenced me in a very negative way.

“It was something I was seriously contemplating while there,” she admitted, grim faced.

“We had our first night there without incident, and spent our second day exploring Hillsboro.

“As we got ready to go to bed that night, I started planning out my suicide.

“I figured I should explore the third floor—maybe it would inspire me in some sick way,” Victoria shrugged.

“I snuck out and crept up the stairs.

“The Inn had a drastically different vibe on the third floor.

“As I walked around, I hit numerous cold spots and felt excessively anxious.

“I turned to leave when I heard footsteps behind me.

The Rotting and Benevolent Ghost of Hillsboro

Haunted Hillsboro: Benevolent Ghost of the Tarltan House

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“I slowly turned around and saw a figure, standing near the doorway to the bathroom.

“I wanted to run and scream, but as he looked at me, I could tell that somehow he was holding me in place.

“He looked like he had sprung straight out of a grave,” she said, goosebumps forming down her arms.

“His flesh was grey and smelled of rotting meat.

“His lips had shriveled up and were decaying right on his face..

“… And it seemed like chunks of his skin were missing.

“But nothing was more terrifying than when he opened his mouth to speak.”

“’I hear your thoughts, little girl,’ he rasped.

“Frozen as I was, I started gagging by the smell of his putrid breath.”

“’You know what that smell is?’ he asked, watching my reaction.

‘That, my dear, is death.’

‘Death is all I hear, all I see, all I know.’

‘Is that your desire?’

“Suddenly I felt my throat begin to close up.

“I struggled and gasped for air but I still couldn’t move.

“He smiled a dark, inane smile just as I felt I would pass out.

“Finally he released me, and I was able to run down the stairs and back into our room.

“To this day, I still think about that incident in Hillsboro,” Victoria said, shaking her head.

“I believe it was Mr. Tarlton I encountered, and that was his way of warning me to not do as he once did.

He saved my life.”

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211 N Pleasant St.
Hillsboro, TX 76645-2115
United States