Haunted Huntington: The White Witch of Sweet Hollow Road

In Huntington, New York there is a road that everybody knows about.

Sweet Hollow Road boosts tales of horror and tragedy.

Several local legends revolve around this road.

Many residents believe it is haunted by children who died in a school bus accident by the railroad.

These children are known for pushing cars over the railway tracks.

They do not want anyone else to experience their untimely end.

Haunted Huntington: The White Witch of Sweet Hollow Road

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Who is The White Witch?

Updated 2/9/2020 – But there is an entity that lingers on Sweet Hollow Road that does not possess anything close to a sweet disposition.

Mary the White Witch, also known as The Lady in White, can sometimes be spotted on this road.

Sentimental folk believe Mary is the spirit of a teenager who was struck by a car when walking home from school.

But local resident and historian Alice P. knows firsthand The Lady in White has much more sinister origins.

She knows, because she has seen Mary in the flesh.

“I was born and raised in Salem, Massachusetts,” Alice began.

“So I grew up learning about witches that have perished throughout American history.

“When I first moved to Huntington, a librarian told me about a supposed witch that haunts Sweet Hollow Road.

“She told me that the woman, Mary, was hung somewhere along that road and she has never left.

“Historically, I believe that some women were witches during the 16 and 1700s,” Alice noted.

“But I also believe that mass hysteria and paranoia hit many towns and villages, and several women were falsely accused of witchcraft during this time.

“I remember feeling a certain level of sympathy for this mysterious Mary figure,” Alice recalled, shaking her head at the thought.

Huntington’s Very Own Witch

“I would go on walks each evening, after I found myself walking to Sweet Hollow Road every day after that.

“A few weeks ago, I was walking alongside the road.

“It wasn’t late, but a storm was rolling in and it got pretty dark out.

“I turned around to head back home when I passed a large old tree that bends over the right hand side of the road.

“I don’t know why, but as soon as I did, something in my mind told me to turn around,” Alice shrugged, at a loss.

“I knew in my gut that if I turned, I would see someone standing there.”

And was there?

“Yes, and I knew right away it was Mary.

Haunted Huntington: The White Witch of Sweet Hollow Road

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“She had a white gown on that billowed in the wind.

“Her long dark hair kept blowing over her face but I could see her looking at me.

“I called out to her, I said ‘Mary? Is that your Christian name?’”

“The woman opened her mouth and chuckled,” said Alice.

“And that laugh raised every hair on the back of my neck.

“’Christian?’ the woman said and laughed again.

“She moved a pale hand up and drew a pentagram in the air

“When she gestured, I could see that her white gown was actually a robe and that it opened in the center,” Alice added, looking pale.

“And instead of seeing the torso of a normal woman, I only saw the bare bones of a ribcage.

“That was no innocent girl,” Alice shook her head.

“Huntington has a witch, and that witch is nothing short of evil.”


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