Haunted Bonifay: Is There an Angelic Spirit at the Waits Mansion?

The Wait’s Mansion is a large, Mediterranean style home located in Bonifay, Florida.

George Orkney Waits was a successful businessman of the saw mill industry.

Waits had the house built for him and his wife during the 1920s, when he took over managing a mill in the area.

Haunted Bonifay: Is There an Angelic Spirit at the Waits Mansion?


One of the most beautiful and historic homes in Bonifay

Updated 2/10/2020 – Many generations of the Waits family lived in this magnificent mansion, until George Waits’ grandson was relocated for work.

After that time, the house was passed from owner to owner throughout the years.

At one point it was converted in single unit apartments, and then opened up as a wedding venue.

The last group of owners had the Wait’s Mansion converted into a charming bed and breakfast that ran for many years.

However, for reasons unknown, the Wait’s Mansion is now up for sale and sits empty.

It was at this point when Donny, a local teen, decided to sneak into the mansion.

“Looking back, I’m not proud of what I did…but I certainly didn’t mean any harm at the time.

I just always wanted to look inside the building, and I knew they wouldn’t take me seriously if I tried to make an appointment to see it or something.

“I made sure I didn’t break any windows or bust in any doors…

I just found an unlocked window on the second story and slowly crept inside.

It was even bigger and more amazing inside than I could have ever imagined.

I brought out my lighter, and I flipped it on, moving from room to room at my leisure,” Donny said with a soft smile.

“I left the Wait’s that night knowing that I needed to come back with my girlfriend.

I called her, we made arrangements, and I went to sleep that night, excited to show her the inside of the house.

But during that night I had the strangest dream

A Vision in White

Do you believe in angels? Are all angels good natured?


“I dreamt that I was standing in the middle of a large staircase.

There should have been a large living room down and to the left of me, but when I looked the only thing I saw was this floating figure, covered in thin, white cloth.

It didn’t really have a face, but somehow it looked to me and said, ‘this is where pain comes for her.’

“I jerked away, alarmed by my dream and that it was already morning.

It was spooky, sure…but a lot of dreams are like that, and I truly didn’t think anything of it at the time.

I just went about my day and waited for Sandra to meet me in front of the Waits Mansion.

“We snuck in through the window and started looking around.

There was an extremely cold area inside the first hallway, but I couldn’t tell if Sandra noticed.

It was such an exhilarating experience though, and all I kept thinking about was that she looked beautiful, and maybe we could get to the next level after that night.

Sandra said something to me, and suddenly I was back to reality—and on a very familiar staircase,” Donny murmured.

“I looked up a little further ahead, and saw this aura…this glow of positive energy.

I swear I heard a whisper like, “You see as you are.”

“I try to be a really positive person, so I guess the spirit manifested itself to me in a positive light.

But it was still really scary for me.

“’Sandra, we need to leave—now,’ I pleaded, but it was too late.

She was huddled in the corner, shaking and crying.

“Sandra must have seen something terrible, because she freaked out as I approached her, and fell down the stairs.

I rushed down to her, and I saw that she was holding her leg.

“I picked her up, helped her walk out of the house and drove her to her home, just outside of Bonifay.

She never spoke to me again after that night.

Based on whatever the apparition chose to show her that was so awful, I think it might be for the best that we went our separate ways.”


209 W. Kansas Ave
NE corner of Tracy St.
Bonifay, Florida