Haunted Tampa: Paranormal Terror at the Biglow-Helms Mansion

The Biglow-Helms Mansion is located in Tampa, Fl and was built in 1908.

The house was built and owned by Silas Biglow until it was purchased by Dr. John Sullivan Helms in 1919.

Upon purchasing this large house, Dr. Helms turned it into the Bayside Hospital.

Haunted Tampa: Paranormal Terror at the Biglow-Helms Mansion

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The Historical, Haunted Biglow-Helms Mansion in Tampa

Updated 2/10/2020 – In order to accommodate the facility’s needs, a frame wing was added in 1920.

Bayside was considered one of the finest private hospitals in Tampa.

The hospital was closed in 1927 after a newer, larger hospital opened on Davis Islands.

Dr. Helms later had the wing removed and turned the hospital back into a private residence, in which he and his wife resided.

After WWI, Mrs. Helms’ nephew, Jack Wilson, moved in and called the second floor of the mansion home until he died in 1965.

The house remained in the Helms family until 1974, when Mrs. Helms passed away.

The massive structure remained empty through the 80’s.

The mansion has served a variety of purposes over the years, from residential to business.

While this huge building has passed through many different owners and maintained many identities, there has been something creepy looming deep within since the beginning.

There have been many reports of screaming and yelling coming from the mansion, especially when no-one was present inside the giant, looming structure.

Back in the late 70’s when the mansion sat empty, the local high school students would break in and vandalize the place.

They weren’t the only ones that used the historic spot, locals report that a satanic cult would use the mansion to worship Satan and attempt to summon dark entities.

One local recalls entering the house when remodeling first began in the mid 80’s.

Entities of the Dark

She recalled the terrifying moment she almost blindly walked into a deep hole in the floor, yet feels as though a presence stopped her, but she also says that she saw the most horrifying face deep in the hole.

She described the face to be dark with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, it seemed to be grinning up at her from the darkness.

His teeth are sharp like razors and he haunts the old Biglow-Helms Mansion in Tampa

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Many frightening tales have been told from those just taking a stroll by the mansion in the evening, listening to the cries of infants and the painful screams of who knows what.

Some residents of Tampa believe that the cries of the infants and the painful screams are the deceased residents of the old hospital being tortured and chased by the demons summoned from the cult.

The overall feel of the mansion is off and very creepy.

Many of the visitors and workers have reported feeling like they are being watched.

Residents have spoken of the terrifying entity being the one to watch you from the shadows, possibly just waiting for the opportunity to snatch new souls.

Just walking past this massive historic structure will send chills down your spine.