Blooming Grove: Phantom Dead Strike Fear at Lone Oak Cemetery

Blooming Grove, Texas is home to the Lone Oak Cemetery.

While small, the Lone Oak is a historic cemetery, with graves that date back to the mid 1850s.

This cemetery is considered a historic treasure within the community.

One of the Oldest Cemeteries in Blooming Grove

Updated 2/11/2020 – Recently, a few residents have started to suspect that the cemetery is haunted.

Those who have ancestors buried in Lone Oak have reported hearing faint disembodied voices all around them as they mourn their past loved ones.

Still others have stated that they hear strange noises emitting from the cemetery late at night.

Once having seen a ghost when he was a little boy, local student Jacob decided to start his own paranormal investigation team.

He, along with two of his friends, Diana and Shane, decided to sneak into the cemetery at night to investigate.

They hoped that by witnessing paranormal activity, they could sell their knowledge to the local paper and afford to buy ghost hunting equipment.

“Looking back now, it was an idiotic plan, but it seemed ingenious at the time,” chuckled Jacob.

“We were determined to see a ghost; I’ll say that much.

All we had to our names were a couple of outdated cellphones, and some notebook paper.

“We got Diana’s older brother to drop off us that night.

We had previously agreed that we would lap around the cemetery once together and then split up and see what we could find.

The night was cool, and I remember hearing the sound of crickets chirping in the distance,” Jacob recalled.

Disembodied Sounds Loom…

Sometimes it's hard to tell what is real and what isn't when you're at a graveyard in the middle of the night.


“We walked along the perimeter together first, and I remember Diana pointing out this bizarre clicking sound that was almost definitely not the crickets.

Suddenly Shane yelped and scrambled to get his jacket off, saying that someone or something had touched him.

It just felt like, from the moment we got there, things started going haywire,” he said, shaking his head.

“I told them both to calm down, but internally?

I was freaking out myself.

I kept thinking I felt someone watching us from behind a headstone, and it was only a matter of time before he or she pounced on us.

“’You have the notebook?’

I asked Diana, and then I watched in horror as an invisible hand seemed to grab pieces of her hair and pull them up towards the sky.

‘Diana, you need to run…NOW!’

I yelled, and immediately took off toward the entrance to the cemetery.

Shane didn’t need to be told to run after her.

“I took off after both of them, but suddenly it started pouring.

We had already had a lot of rain that day, so the ground was muddy and soaked.

The rain pelted down on me and I lost traction and fell down a slope,” Jacob said, imitating his fall in gestures.

“Mud caked my eyes, but I scraped them off, trying to see where the entrance was.

As I peered, I thought I saw the ghost of a young girl, standing in the rain watching me.

I rubbed my eyes to see more clearly, but she disappeared as quickly as she showed up.

I walked over to where she had been standing, but all I could see were bushes.

“I finally made it to the entrance, and the three of us practically ran the ten miles it took to get back to my house.

A lot of people say there are many places in Blooming Grove that are haunted…but I don’t think they have experienced anything until they go to Lone Oak cemetery.


NW 4430
Blooming Grove, TX
United States