Haunted Bakersfield: Paranormal Activity at Kern Realty Building

If you’re ever in Bakersfield, California, and want to find yourself in a scary situation, just take a little walk down 18th Street around dusk.

As the sun goes down and all the dark things of the world begin to come out, you’ll pass by 2128, a house and realty building built back in 1911.

Don’t be surprised if you see some odd things…

Haunted Bakersfield: Paranormal Activity at Kern Realty Building

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Updated 2/10/2020 – This house is rumored to be one of the most haunted places in California.

Haunted Realty Building in Bakersfield, Ca

For instance, you may see a man swinging a hammer against the wall, even though it’s the dead of night (an apt phrase if there ever was one).

You may see a woman walking around near where he seems to be working, looking angry.

If you see either of these folks, you are probably okay, and don’t need to run.

If you see the third guy, though…

Visitors to the house – and even former residents and owners, are very familiar with and vocal about the ghosts who have inhabited this place ostensibly from near the very beginning of its existence.

The man hammering on the wall, for instance, is thought to be one of the builders.

The woman Рwho always seems angry with him, leading one to believe that perhaps he did shoddy work, or that at least maybe she thought he did Рis rumored to be the wife of one of the early owners, maybe even the original owner.

They seem to snipe at each other, but rarely do they interact with either the passersby who see them or the people who live there and hear them.

But the third man is a different story.

He is also thought to be one of the previous owners, and rumor has it that he was a raging and abusive alcoholic in life.

In death he has become even more frightening.

The Bully and The Woman in The Window

In Bakersfield, Ca, locals report seeing a ghost in the window of the Kern Realty building...

Photo credit: deviantart/joe-roberts

I speak to a couple who at one time long decades ago had thought of buying a house in Bakersfield, this one in particular, but gave up on that ambition after their encounter with the man they call “the bully.”

Mildred and Gus – the couple in question – seem to be perfectly sane and rational in their dotage, but I can tell that this story upsets them somewhat.

“We were a lot younger then, of course,” says Mildred, “and we could take a lot more shock to the system, if you take my meaning.

“I’d have to say we weren’t really scared of anything.

I never believed in ghosts myself.”

“Neither did I,” agrees Gus.

“Until that night,” they say in tandem.

On a routine visit to the property after hours to just get a quick second look from the street, the couple was accosted by a violent man who literally leaped out of the shadows, staggering toward them and saying “Leave now, and don’t come back here!”

“I asked him why,” says Gus, “and even as I said it I realized that he wasn’t human – I could see right through him.

“‘Because I don’t want her to get you,’ he said to us, and pointed to the house.

There, looking through the window at us, was a girl with black-ringed eyes.

She was dead, and she was smiling.”

The couple falls silent for a moment, and then Mildred finishes.

“The last thing we saw before we ran away was her reach up one hand and crook a finger, beckoning us to come in.

“We left, because we knew if we did what she wanted, we’d never have gotten out alive.”

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