The Ghost Of A Murder Victim Lurks At This Texas Courthouse

Many towns and cities in Texas are known to be haunted by ghostly soldiers from the Civil War.

But the spirits who reside in Kerrville are of a different nature entirely.

Legend has it that many years ago, a local teenage girl fell in love with a troubled youth from town.

Murder in Kerrville

Updated 2/11/2020 – Her family was against the match, but the girl refused to listen to anyone, and insisted that her boyfriend was the one.

On a beautiful spring day, the girl went to visit her boyfriend at his apartment.

The girl found her boyfriend taking drugs, and the young couple got into a heated argument.

Riddled with guilt and anger about his drug addiction, he lashed out at his girlfriend and wound up stabbing her in the chest in his kitchen.

Afterward he disposed of the body, and attempted to scour his kitchen clean.

But that night, he felt overcome with regret and sadness over what he had done.

He had truly loved the girl.

The following morning, the troubled youth rose from his bed and committed suicide.

A month after his death, it is said that the Kerrville police had sufficient evidence to connect him to the murder of the teen.

The night that this news was made public, a couple of folks in town claimed they saw two hooligans wandering around on the lawn of the courthouse after hours.

A patrol unit was dispatched to investigate, but nobody was located.

Since that fateful night, locals will occasionally report seeing two ghost-like figures strolling around on the courthouse lawn.

Reunited in Death?

Those who have witnessed these unknown entities insist that they are the ghosts of the local legend.

One anonymous witness has come forward to share her experience.

“I’ll preface this by saying that I wasn’t out in search of ghosts or anything like that,” she said uncomfortably.

“I was just passing by to get to the gas station nearby.

Anyway, I was just driving, minding my own business when I got this nagging sensation in the back of my mind telling me to look to my left,” the woman whispered, frowning.

“I turned my head and saw that to my immediate left was the courthouse.

“I slowed down to a crawl and peered up at the huge building.

And that’s when two tall shadows passed by my car.

And they were fast, and they just seemed to glide out of view,” she added with a small shiver.

“It freaked me out enough to speed right back up and avoid looking at my rear view mirror at all costs.

I thought I’d feel better once I made it into the gas station, but that wasn’t meant to be.

As I entered the little store, I looked up into one of those round mirrors people use to see around corners,” she gestured.

“As I looked into it, I saw the same two dark shadows passing across another aisle.

I knew that they had somehow managed to follow me.

I contacted a priest the following morning, and I was cleansed with holy water.

“I hope the two spirits are back at Kerrville Courthouse, and not following some other poor soul around.”