The Bloody Faced Spirit of Sunset Senior Highschool in Kendale Lakes

Many students have come and gone from the halls of Sunset Senior High School in Kendale Lakes, Florida.

Many rumors of ghosts have sprung forth over the years concerning the school—it’s auditorium in particular.

The Bloody Faced Spirit of Sunset Senior Highschool in Kendale Lakes

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Updated 2/10/2020 – It’s been said that a spirit, donning a cap and gown, can be seen wandering the large room at night.

The Most Haunted High School in Kendale Lakes

Other rumors claim that, having failed to land a prominent role in the school play, a boy took to the rafters of the auditorium and promptly hung himself.

But there is still one more rumor, a rumor that one woman says isn’t a rumor at all, but is a cold and terrifying reality.

“I know this legend is actually true, because I’ve seen it with my own eyes,” Kaylie told us.

What legend do you refer to?

“When I was at Sunset, there was a rumor about a girl.

“A few girls claimed that a girl was once found in the bathroom, wielding a knife in her hands.

“When she turned to look at who came in, everyone saw blood all over her face.

“Our teachers always laughed at us whenever we brought the bloody girl up.

“They said it was only a story some seniors had once made up to terrify oncoming freshmen and nothing more.

“…But that was a lie,” Kaylie said, looking glum.

Entity in the Bathroom

Tell us about your experience.

“It was a Friday and school had been out for about a half hour.

“I had just gotten home when I realized that I had left my geometry book in my locker.

“I had a ton of homework to get done that weekend, and I couldn’t do it without that stupid book.

“So, begrudgingly, I got back into my car and made my way back to school.

“The football team was having practice out in the field, but inside the building felt deserted.

“Eager to get home, I jogged to my locker and fished out my book.

“I was walking back to the front entrance when I reasoned that I should tuck into the bathroom before my drive home,” she gestured.

“I made my way there and pushed the door open with my shoulder.

“I went into a stall and…you know, conducted my business,” she said quickly, embarrassed.

“But as I sat there, gathering toilet paper, I saw that someone was in the stall next to me.

“Her feet were small, in plain black shoes that looked like they were made of cloth.

“I found it odd, as I thought that stall’s door had been open when I walked into the stall beside it.

“But I just shook my head and finished my business.

“I went to the sinks and began to wash my hands.

The nun had a cross carved out of her forehead and strange looking eyes.

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“I lifted my head to look at my reflection when I saw past my left shoulder that the stall door was open.

“And the woman in there was a spirit,” she said, quivering slightly.

What did she look like?

“I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s the uniform that nuns wear in a convent.

“She looked young and extremely pale and there was something wrong with her eyes, like she was going blind, or had cataracts or something.

“While I watched her, she brought up a knife and cut an upside cross into her forehead.

“I don’t know much about the history of Kendale Lakes, but I feel like I have glimpsed one part of its very dark past,” she said, looking solemn.


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