Malevolent Haunting at the Martin House in Panama City

The Martin house in Panama City, Florida was built in the early 1900’s.

This beautiful house is currently owned by Rock-Tenn, a paper mill that has been around for 90 years.

Malevolent Haunting at the Martin House in Panama City

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Malevolent Haunting at Martin House in Panama City, FL

Updated 2/10/2020 – The paper mill currently uses the Martin house as a place to hold meetings and host company gatherings.

The paper mill’s owners remodeled the downstairs to better accommodate the business, leaving the upstairs untouched.

Part of the renovations included closing off the upstairs, making it inaccessible.

The reasons for this, the locals will tell you, are all to clear.

As the stories go, back in the 1900’s when the Martin family occupied the residence, they employed servants that would come to work daily.

That is, until Martin found out that his beautiful wife was becoming “too close” to one of the male servants.

It’s said by some, that one day, in a fit of rage, Martin hung the young servant from the big oak tree near the water.

Martin made his wife watch this horrific scene.

Time went on, but the entire town knew of his wife and the servant, along with the hanging.

Local rumors, and word within the psychic community, say that Martin couldn’t take it anymore, he knew they were all whispering about the events that took place.

Angry, Martin went home and strung his wife and children up in the big oak tree by the river, just like the servant.

After murdering his family he went on to hang himself, too.

Many residents of Panama City are all too familiar with Martin house and its grisly past.

The locals tell stories of a lady in white with black eyes haunting the upstairs, possibly the sad, forlorn wife.

Many believe she is heartbroken, forever looking for the young servant and her children.

The history of the Martin house also includes some evidence of a satanic cult in the late 80’s early 90’s using the house.

Eerie Feelings and Jet Black Eyes

The ghosts haunting the Martin House.

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Some of the locals that were able to visit and explore the house before Rock-Tenn bought the property have seen and experienced creepy things.

Loud noises have been heard coming from the closed off upstairs, from screams to loud thumps.

One local resident will openly tell you the story of a terrifying visit he and some friends made years ago.

The boys would frequently sneak in through the kitchen door.

One night, while running through the house playing, one boy fell out of the window at the top of the stairs, but he survived.

He later told his friends that he was picked up and thrown through the window by a ghost with black eyes.

Others describe their experiences there as just an eerie feeling, just awful and uncomfortable.

No one believes the ghosts in the house are friendly, they seem very menacing.

Others have described seeing a man with jet black eyes staring cold and empty out the front window.

There are numerous stories surrounding the Martin house, all of them frightening and chilling.

From spooky apparitions with jet black eyes, people hearing loud noises as they pass by, this house is truly disturbing.


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