City of Torrance: Strange Doings at Zamperini Stadium

Nothing is better in the world of spooky tales than a story about revenge.

Welcome to the city of Torrance in sunny California, home of Zamperini Stadium.

According to local residents of the area, a woman and her two children were murdered just outside this stadium on their way home from a football game, years ago.

City of Torrance: Strange Doings at Zamperini Stadium

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Updated 2/10/2020 – According to many of those same locals, she and her children now haunt the stadium and the area immediately surrounding it.

Strange Doings at Zamperini Stadium

The children are often said to be laughing and playing…

One gets the sense that perhaps, despite the gruesome nature of their demise, perhaps they are in a form of eternal rest.

The woman is not laughing.

“She wants revenge,” says Angie, a twenty-seven year-old resident who lives just up the street from the stadium.

“And I don’t blame her.

“I’ve seen her on multiple occasions, sometimes with her kids and sometimes on her own.

“When she’s with her kids, it’s usually the case that she just walks around crying.

“It’s really sad, because you can just tell from her face that she knows what’s happened, and that they’ve all been killed.”

It’s when she’s not with her children, however, that locals say the woman becomes dangerous.

Paranormal Danger in the City of Torrance

Locals in the city of Torrance, Ca., report seeing a female ghost bent on revenge, outside Zamperini Stadium...

“I saw her chase someone once, and it was the most awful thing I ever saw in my whole life,” Angie says.

“You have to understand that when I see her, it’s usually just for a minute or two, and then she disappears.

“Sometimes I see a repeat of the same loop over and over again, night after night.

“Well, this particular night was one of those, and she had been looping through the same fifteen-second or so set of moves for nearly a week.

“But this guy goes walking by – just some guy out on a walk, not suspecting anything – and I mean she stopped dead, pardon the expression.

“She looked at him for a long moment, and then she let out this horrific scream and floated after him at top speed.

“It was the only time I ever heard her make any noise.

“The guy, he never heard her, just kept walking.

That’s how I came to know that I must have a sixth sense or something, because I saw the whole thing while I was halfway in and halfway out of my car.

“I just stood there, couldn’t move a muscle.

And all the while she bore down on him, and I thought she was going to kill him somehow.

“But when she got to within ten or fifteen feet of him, she just stopped all of a sudden.

“It was as if she finally got a good look at him and realized he wasn’t the one who killed her and her babies.

“After that, she just turned around and floated away.

“The next time I saw her, she was back to the old crying gig again.

“But I’m telling you, if she ever finds the guy who actually did do it – and I know roughly what he looks like I guess – she’ll tear him limb from limb, I guarantee it.”

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