Headless Dead Baby Can Still Cry at This Old Texas Cemetery

Llano County, Texas is the home of a little known tragedy.

According to local legend, it all began in the early 1850s.

Local settlements were warring with the Native Americans who lived nearby, until one tribe decided to seek revenge.

Violence in Llano

Updated 2/11/2020 – A couple of Native Americans snuck into one of the settlements in the middle of the night.

They found a young toddler, named Mary Elizabeth, fast asleep in her crib and decided to kidnap her.

When her parents discovered she was missing the following morning, Mary Elizabeth’s parents sent out numerous search and rescue parties.

But it was too late.

Mary Elizabeth’s body was found severely abused and murdered in a horrendous fashion.

Her head had been chopped from her body and impaled on a nearby post.

From that day forward, the villagers established a new cemetery where the toddler had been found.

They called it the Baby Head Cemetery in Mary Elizabeth’s honor.

Tate (name change to protect privacy), his girlfriend, and a couple of their friends had formed a paranormal investigation team when they first caught wind of the tale.

“Obviously, it’s an incredibly sad story, but it’s also the perfect place to perform an investigation,” Tate explained gently.

“Ghosts are often manifested or formed after a particularly violent death.

After hearing about Mary Elizabeth’s demise, it wasn’t that surprising to hear that people think her spirit continues to haunt the place.

“Since we live nearby, it seemed like an ideal place to start our first investigation.

All cemeteries are creepy, but knowing the backstory of Baby Head just put us all on edge from the get-go,” he nodded.

“There are seven of us total, so we had a debriefing in the center of the cemetery, then split off to cover more ground.

Screams in the Night

“I elected to stay where it’s rumored that Mary Elizabeth’s head had been found on the post.

We couldn’t have been there for more than…maybe ten minutes, when I heard this bone-chilling scream emanate from somewhere on my right.

It took me a few seconds to register that the scream had come from an ordinary human and that that ordinary human was my girlfriend, Nicole,” he said, looking solemn.

“Soon as I realized it, I took off in her direction, and I could hear some of the others, trailing behind me.

We started to call out her name, but she didn’t respond.

As the silence drew on, I began to think she had been seriously hurt, or something much worse,” Tate said, running a flustered hand through his hair.

“I think we searched for twenty minutes before our friend Eric shouted that he had found her.

Nicole was huddled in the shadow of a headstone, clutching to it as if it were a security blanket.

She was sobbing uncontrollably.

“When we shined a headlamp over her, I saw these tiny scratch marks up and down her arms.

It was…

It was horrible,” he whispered.

“Eventually she let me hold her, but she wouldn’t describe what happened.

“To this day, three years later, she still won’t talk about it.

We’ve never gone back to Llano County.

The paranormal club was disbanded, and most of us never see each other anymore.”