Haunted Beeville: The Playful Ghost of the Dog and Bee Pub

Beeville, Texas is a small, sleepy town where comfort and simplicity are valued above all else.

The Dog and Bee Pub, which was a Scottish style restaurant and bar, offered authentic fair and an unassuming attitude—making it a great addition to downtown.

While the Dog and Bee Pub has been closed for a couple of years now, many Beeville residents remember it with fondness.

Haunted Beeville: The Playful Ghost of the Dog and Bee Pub


The Most Authentic Restaurant in Beeville

Updated 2/11/2020 – A few, however, have rather frightening associations with the former restaurant.

According to the talk around town, a couple of guests once witnessed an apparition lurking in a corner by the bar.

After news got out, a couple of other patrons came forward and claimed that while they were having dinner at the Dog and Bee, their drink was knocked off the table by an invisible force.

Jeff, a former resident of Beeville, is not sure if the haunting is why the Dog and Bee Pub closed, but it wouldn’t at all surprise him.

“I thought it was a really cool place, you know?

It’s not like there’s a lot of places in the area where a person can get an authentic cottage pie and be served by a dude in a kilt,” he chuckled.

“But what I experienced there was so frightening, it didn’t matter how good the Scotch eggs were, or how many beers they had on tap,” he said soberly.

“If people want a show along with their meal, they go to a movie theater. But I suppose I should start from the beginning…

A Most Ghostly Game…

Can you ever be truly sure of what you see at night?


“It was a Saturday night, and my girlfriend had just broken up with me.

I went down to the Dog and Bee with every intention of getting hammered.

And I did so…a little too well, might I add,” he admitted.

“By the time last call was announced, I was borderline blackout drunk.

Somebody by me at the bar had ordered a fish, and the smell triggered my nausea.

I remember clumsily stumbling into the bathroom.

“I was in really rough shape.

I got sick in one of the stalls, and just laid there, cradling the toilet.

When I walked back out into the restaurant, the lights were all off and everyone was gone,” he said.

“Obviously I wanted to go home, but I knew it was a horrible idea to drive.

So I walked to the back of the bar and got myself a cup of water.

I gulped it down and set my cup on the bar while I looked through my phone, wondering who would be kind enough to come and get me.

“I heard plastic clattering against the floor and looked up to see that my cup was gone.

Now, I was drunk and everything, but my body wasn’t close enough to accidentally nudge the cup,” Jeff reasoned.

“I started to feel an ounce of uneasiness creep into my bones.

“After a few pathetic phone calls, my friend Valerie was nice enough to come get me.

The moment I saw her headlights, I practically ran out of that freaky restaurant.

As I turned to grab the seatbelt, I saw something move in my peripherals.

“Inside the restaurant…up against the dirty glass I saw a misty apparition.

Valerie didn’t see it, and claims I was just drunk out of my mind.

But I have been afraid of ghosts ever since that night in Beeville.”


119 North Washington Street
Beeville, TX
United States