The Crying Ghost Babies At These Texas Apartments Will Haunt Your Dreams

There are some haunted places around the world where seemingly no one has been able to find a possible reason for paranormal activity.

The Park Lane apartments in Arlington is one of those types of places.

While nobody can find a record of foul play that occurred there, many people agree: this apartment complex is haunted.

The Crying Ghost Babies At These Texas Apartments Will Haunt Your Dreams

Crying Ghost At Texas Apartments

A Friend in Need…

Updated 2/11/2020 – Ashley once had a friend who rented an apartment at the complex, and she would always complain of strange things occurring at night.

Often she would call Ashley crying, asking her to remain on the phone with her until she fell asleep.

“If it had been me experiencing those things, I would have ended my lease and moved back in with my parents,” Ashley said with a sigh.

“But my friend didn’t have a good relationship with hers, and she didn’t feel comfortable relying on them for much.

After the fifth or sixth time calling me in tears, I told her that I was going to come over and see for myself precisely what it was that she was afraid of.

“She protested, but I think she just didn’t want to see me get hurt.

But when I made it clear it was either that I come over or I stop answering her phone calls, it was easy for her to make a decision,” she nodded.

So I drove the fifteen minutes to her place.

“When I got there she quickly let me in and then slammed the door behind me.

She immediately went to the window and peeked behind the curtains, looking up and down the balcony.

When I asked her what she was doing she told me she was, ‘checking to see if the thing had followed me.’

Possible Haunting in Arlington?

Possible Haunting in Arlington?


“I looked out behind her, and we saw this shadow on the wall, moving and growing closer toward us.

My friend freaked out and yanked the curtain closed.

I tried to be practical and told her that if she felt she was being followed by someone, she should contact the police—or management at the very least.

“My friend just shook her head and told me that I didn’t understand what was happening.

‘Listen…’ she whispered, and pointed towards her kitchen.

That’s when it sounded like something fell to the ground.

‘It’s here, it followed you in,’ she said, and began to cry.

“’What followed me in?’ I cried.

Because Park Lanes is a cheap place, and I honestly feel like if someone had walked in the apartment below us, her apartment could have shaken as a result.

And that’s when we both heard a baby crying above us…. only, we were on the top floor of the complex.

“’See, see?!’ my friend cried, pointing towards the ceiling.

So I told her I would go check out the roof, just to make sure.

I found the stairwell, and I made my way to the roof.

“It was pretty dark out, but I could see fairly far.

I wandered around, but I couldn’t find a soul up there.

I was just about to head back down when I heard the sound of the baby crying again,” Ashley said, frowning.

“I searched again and again, but I still couldn’t find anyone up there.

Finally I gave up and entered my friend’s apartment again, to find her huddled in a corner of her bedroom, sobbing.

‘It was here, the shadow man, it was here!’ she cried over and over again.

“It took some planning, but within two weeks we found another apartment complex in Arlington and my friend is much happier now,” Ashley said.

“I really can’t say what is going on at Park Lane…all I know is that the events of that night scared the crap out of me.”