What is Astrology and How Does it Work? (Discover the Truth Now!)

The truth about astrology is found in the heavens - and in this article.

The truth about astrology is found in the heavens – and in this article.

Are you fascinated with the stars and celestial bodies of the night sky?

If so, you’re certainly not alone.

Men and women since the dawn of time have looked to the heavens as a source of guidance and inspiration.

The stars and plants provide significant information on the future of your life.

Astrology is the process of understanding and interpreting that celestial information.

What is astrology and how can it help provide guidance for your life?

Before you look up to the stars, first check out our complete astrology guide below:

Updated 2/11/2020

Astrology and You: The Truth

What is Astrology?

Astrology is the study of the patterns, relationships and movement of planets and other solar system bodies.

An astrologist is able to study the positions of the cosmos in order to reveal a variety of different knowledge.

The secrets to relationships, finances and other major life events can be found in the stars – if you know what to look for.

Astrology is a study of the metaphysical, often called “The Mother of All Sciences.”

It focuses on Qi energy patterns in a way similar to acupuncture Feng Shui, and yoga.

The World Keeps on Turning

Astrology is based around the idea of a Celestial Clock. Planets and stars move through the galaxy in the same manner as the internal energies of our body.

The entire universe is aligned with internal energies which were formed on the day of our birth.

A birth chart is an important tool in the world of astrology.

The day of a person’s birth is forever recorded on the Celestial Clock.

As the planets move, they influence our lives at specific Moments in Time.

Astrological study takes many forms.

A well of ancient information is able to be drawn upon including myths, ancient symbols and the previous teachings of history’s greatest astrologers.

Astrology draws upon both current and ancient wisdom.

Astrology draws upon both current and ancient wisdom.

What Does Astrology Show Us?

The universe is, of course, vast. So all manner of knowledge can be found in the stars above.

Generally, astrology is divided into two categories:

Generational astrology focuses on a long-term view of your life.

This type of reading provides general guidance when navigating major life paths.

Want to know if you should have kids?

What city or state you should live in?

The long cycles of the outer planets show these types of trends.

Other astrological readings focus on more immediate concerns.

Is now a good time to pursue romance?

Are financial opportunities around the corner?

The journey of the planets through the Zodiac helps you plan and prepare for events throughout the immediate future.

What is Your Birth Chart?

Almost all astrological readings begin by developing a birth chart.

Your birth chart has three parts: planet, sign and house.

Houses are general life categories such as “self-worth” and “work and health.”

Planetary positions will affect each house during different conditions and times of year.

Here’s a video explaining birth charts in greater detail:

A birth chart helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

They’re a powerful tool in understanding yourself.

Astrological Signs

You’ve probably heard about astrological signs.

While the ones featured in your local newspaper probably aren’t very accurate, more personalized readings can be much more specific.

Astrological signs are at the heart of discovering who you are and what's in store for you.

Astrological signs are at the heart of discovering who you are and what’s in store for you. Photo: H.L.I.T.

Your astrological sign helps determine your personality.

Maybe you already know some of the stereotypes.

Gemini is witty and talkative.

Scorpio is intense, even sultry.

Virgos are perfectionists and highly organized.

Keep these characteristics in mind but know they’re just guidelines.

A personalized astrological reading based on the specific day, month and year of your birth will be able to provide much more detailed insight.

Astrology and Relationships

Relationships are a major topic found in astrology.

Readings can help provide a deeper understanding of your relationship with your friends, children, parents, siblings, parents and others.

Plus, relationships provide insight into the health of your intimate relationships.

Couples can compare birth charts to discover potential conflicts.

This type of relationship analysis is called “synastry.”

Why Do People Use Astrology?

There are many ways a person can tap into the mystical forces which help guide our lives.

Options include tarot cards, crystal balls and more.

So what does astrology offer which the others don’t?

The personalization of astrology is very high.

Your astrological readings are based on your specific date of birth, so they’re unique to you.

Basically, a birth chart can be used to develop a complete map of your psyche which continually reveals new self-truths.

Astrology readings help provide a clear path for your present and your future.