White Light Protection: What It Is & How to Use It (Truth Revealed!)

Ready to find out what white light protection is, and how you can benefit from it?

Ready to find out what white light protection is, and how you can benefit from it?

If you want to protect yourself from as much negative energy as possible, you’ll want to learn about white light protection.

Meditating to create a white light boundary will protect your aura from interference and influence from the negativity of the world.

Ahead, we’ll give you a rundown on what you need to know about white light protection.

We’ll also give you a detailed tutorial on how to create your own bubble of protective energy.

Preventing harmful negative energy from entering your subconscious mind is paramount, and this meditation can be your first line of defense.

Now get ready because you’re about to discover the truth…

Updated 2/11/2020

What is White Light Protection?

There are several ways you can protect your aura from outside influences, and light protection is one of them.

This type of protection creates a bubble or shield to prevent other energy from infiltrating your aura.

In many ways, light shields or bubbles are a way to fortify your aura and make sure you’re not as affected by the negative energy of others.

Some energy may slip through the cracks, but the light bubble will help mitigate the unwanted energy you may encounter on a daily basis.

After some time, your light bubble will grow stronger, and you’ll be able to shield yourself from more powerful forms of invading energy.

Why Use Light Shields?

It's important to keep your aura clean.

It’s important to keep your aura clean.

If you keep your aura pure and clean, you won’t want the invasion of negative energy expressed by others.

We all know someone who walks around with the proverbial “dark cloud” over their head.

There’s no time for this kind of energy in spiritual thinking, and you may feel yourself being dragged down by those with negative energy.

Practicing light protection will help you protect your aura, and keeps you in a positive state of mind all day.

Ahead, we’ll give you some tips on how to develop and strengthen your light bubble so you can keep your aura safe and clean.

How to Create A Light Shield

White light protection is one of the easiest forms of aura protection because of how easy it is to visualize.

Use guided meditations if you need to, and set aside time every day to practice creating a light shield around your body.

You’ll want the ability to create a shield on-demand because you never know when you’ll face a force of negative energy.


Start to visualize a bubble, or eggshell forming around your body.

Meditate on that image, and you may even begin to feel the light bubble forming.

Use a positive thinking mantra during your meditations.

Mantras are always up to the individual, but a meditation on protection from negative energy usually works here.

The best time to start creating a light bubble is first thing in the morning.

It will help you practice while your fresh and give your aura a clean start to the day.

With an immediate light bubble, you won’t have to worry about tainting your aura with the negative thoughts of others.


Meditation helps with creating a light barrier.

Meditation helps with creating a light barrier.

Anyone who practices meditation on a regular basis knows that it gets far more comfortable with practice.

The same is true when it comes to light protection.

After months of training, creating a light barrier will be second nature for you.

Any time you start to feel the presence of harmful energy, create a barrier to protect your aura.

Even if you don’t feel as though your aura is threatened, it’s essential to practice your craft.

If your friend usually has a positive aura, use the barrier to protect yourself as a matter of practice.

Their energy might not negatively affect you, but if you can feel the separation, you’re on the right track.

Your Own Negative Thoughts

Just because you practice, light protection doesn’t mean you’ll be safe from your own negative thoughts.

In fact, you may find it harder to let go of negative feelings when one of your light barriers are active.

Aura's can give you protection from harmful energies - and help you understand deeper meanings.

Aura’s can give you protection from harmful energies – and help you understand deeper meanings.

The barrier may trap your own negative emotions, so you’ll have to work through the more carefully.

If you’re experienced in meditation, it shouldn’t be too hard to rid your mind of these thoughts.

Just remember that protection goes both ways.

You’re protecting your aura from the negative vibrations of others, but that means your own negative vibrations will be isolated to you as well.

A Powerful Light Barrier

After a while, creating these light shields will get easier and easier.

You can even think bigger, and start to visualize a bubble surrounding your home at night.

Protection doesn’t mean nothing bad will ever happen, but a clean aura will affect your day-to-day mood, and make sure the negative thoughts of others don’t take over your precious headspace.