Empath Psychics: What They Are and How to Tell if You Are One

Ready to discover the truth about empath psychics and your ability?

Ready to discover the truth about empath psychics and your ability? Photo: Johan Larsson

We all strive to be the kind of person who cares about and considers the feelings of others.

But some people are born with abilities beyond simple kindness.

Called empath psychics, these folks are able to connect with the emotions and feelings of others on a deep, powerful level.

Do you often feel an instant connection with the emotions of others, even with people who you just met?

Let’s take a look at what empath psychics are and how to tell if you are one yourself:

– Updated 2/11/2020

Empath Psychics and You

What is an Empath?

Empathy is the ability to identify, understand and feel sympathy towards the feelings of other people.

All emotionally healthy people are able to feel empathy.

But some people are able to directly experience the emotions of others.

These special individuals are called empath psychics.

Unlike a traditional psychic, an empath can’t read minds or see into the future.

Instead, they’re able to read emotions.

An empath can instantly enter into another person’s aura.

They can connect with the person’s feelings on a deep level and can even understand their life experiences intimately.

Are Empathic Psychic Abilities a Gift?

Yes and no.

Empaths are born with their abilities.

Many are able to refine their powers through concentration and study.

While being an empath does have many benefits, there are also more than a few drawbacks.

Empaths are able to easily relate to just about everybody.

Plus, an empath psychic can read people, understand their worries and help put them at ease. That’s the good news.

On the downside, being an empath can be very draining.

You will likely feel overloaded with the emotions of others.

Sustained interactions with people can be incredibly exhausting.

Am I an Empath Psychic?

Many empath psychics don’t understand the full extent of their abilities.

They may not even realize they’re psychic at all!

Instead, they may have grown up feeling weird or different from everyone around them.

Their increased level of sensitivity might have led to interactions with others which are deep, intense and intuitive.

If you feel like you have a high degree of empathy, you might be an empath psychic.

Here are some common signs to watch for:

Signs You Might Be an Empath Psychic:

Do you feel a deep sense of suffering throughout the world?

Empath psychics can often tap into the collective feelings of the entire world – and that’s not necessarily a joyous experience.

Watching the news or learning about problems in the world can often feel overwhelming.

This is because the empath psychic often directly experiences the pain of those they’re learning about.

Many empath psychics aren’t exactly the life of the party.

They’re often preoccupied with the feelings and auras of others.

As a result, many empath psychics are often shy and reserved, especially in large social gatherings.

At the same time, empath psychics are often very helpful.

They’re not only able to understand what type of help others need, but they’re usually very willing to provide that help.

Unfortunately, this also means empath psychics are often very busy helping solve the problems of others, which leaves very little time for proper self-care.

Some empaths even feel physical pains simply in the presence of others.

Your empath abilities can be used to help others.

Your empath abilities can be used to help others. Photo: Shannon Holman

Learning to Thrive with Empathic Psychic Abilities

Do you think you might have been an empath psychic from birth?

First, congratulations!

You’ll likely be delighted to know that your abilities can be used to help others.

But you’ll also need to manage those abilities carefully.

Otherwise you’ll likely feel drained and uncomfortable much of the time.

Schedule plenty of quiet, alone time.

You’ll need time away from the auras of others.

This allows you to recharge your “psychic batteries” from time to time.

Additionally, don’t overextend yourself.

As an empath, you’ll always be ready to help others.

But make sure you’re not pushing yourself physically and mentally past the point of exhaustion.

This video has more information that will help you determine if you’re an empath:

Final Thoughts

Not all psychic powers involve future predictions.

Empath psychics are one of the most common types of psychics, but also one of the most misunderstood.

Do you display any of characteristics described above?

You might be an empath psychic.

This provides a wonderful opportunity to connect and help others – just make sure you understand your limitations and take proper care of yourself.