Haunted Laredo: The Dead are Checked In at the Rio Grande Plaza Hotel

The city of Laredo was founded in 1755, when the area was still deemed a Spanish Colony.

After several years of strife over territory, Laredo became an official part of the United States and was declared a city in 1852.


Plaza Hotel Laredo Texas

Updated 2/11/2020 – The people of Laredo are a superstitious lot.

In fact the Rio Grande Plaza Hotel—which is the largest building in the city—is the only place that has a 13th floor.

Given its reputation for paranormal activity now, it’s safe to assume the original architect would have omitted this floor had he known what would occur decades later.

There’s No Rest for the Wicked at the Rio Grande Plaza Hotel

Reports of a ghost employee are prevalent at the Rio Grande.

Visitor Maria G. has seen this dead former employee and something far worse.

“I was visiting Laredo with two of my girlfriends,” Maria began.

“Both were pregnant at the time and constantly went to bed early.

“So I would stay up and wander through the hotel at night,” she said.

“I somehow wound up on the thirteenth floor and as I walked toward the elevators…

I saw him,” she shuddered.

“I could tell right away by his outdated uniform that he was the ghost employee everyone talks about.”

“Nothing about his appearance or demeanor seemed evil or anything, so I just watched him for a moment,” she added.

“He was mopping the floor, totally oblivious that I was standing there, six feet away.”

“I didn’t become frightened until I looked down at his feet,” she said, running an anxious hand through her hair.

What did you see?

Blood,” Maria whispered.

“He was mopping the floor with blood.”

And what did you do?

“I ran, like anybody would!

“I found the stairs and I kept climbing, all the way until I got to the top floor.

“There’s a ballroom up there, grand piano and everything,” she nodded.

“Usually it’s locked up, but it was late and a staff member had probably unlocked it to clean.

“I don’t know why, but I went in,” she murmured.

“And it’s the worst choice I have ever made,” she added, her bottom lip quivering.

Laredo: Home to Dead Children

Why do you say that, Maria?

“Because…because of who—or what—I saw,” she said.

Haunted Laredo: The Dead are Checked In at the Rio Grande Plaza Hotel

Photo credit: 500px.com/ Julia Zakharova

“I didn’t hear the piano until I had walked into the room.

“Someone was playing it so softly; you couldn’t hear it on the other side of the ballroom.

“The piano was huge, a grand, and I couldn’t see who was on the other side of it.

“I thought it had to be staff member, and I remember thinking that I should tell them about the dead employee.

“So I called out ‘hello.’”

“The music from the piano stopped,” Maria said in a shaky voice.

“I figured since I couldn’t see them, they couldn’t see me, so I began walking closer.

“I got to the end of the piano and turned toward the person, and then…,” Maria faltered.

And then?

“It was a little girl.

“Her jaw was unhinged and gaped open at a hideous angle.

“She looked at me and let out a hair-raising shriek, and I fainted on the spot.

“They found me the following morning,” Maria whispered.

“I woke up with a strand of my hair turned white and I haven’t been back to Laredo since.”

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