Haunted Palmetto: The Hanged Man of Palm View Cemetery

Like all graveyards, Palm View Cemetery in Palmetto, Florida, houses the dead.

A local rumor claims that a specter hangs from a tree near the entrance to the graveyard on dark, spooky mornings, around 3am.

He warns visitors away, and if they don’t heed his words, he offers them a choice.

Haunted Palmetto: The Hanged Man of Palm View Cemetery

Updated 2/10/2020 – A not -so-scary memorial park during day time.

Run or stay.

Live or die.

Meeting The Hanged Man of Palmetto

Some visitor have seen a man hanging by his neck from a gnarled tree at the entrance to this Palmetto cemetery.

He is only spotted very rarely, but when seen, his presence horrifies.

He orders the living to step no further into the cemetery grounds.

One local who grew up near this graveyard used to hang out there at night with her friends.

For most of her life, she saw nothing out of the ordinary.

Then one night, when the hours stretched into the early morning around 3am, she saw a man hanging from a tree by his neck.

She ran up to the hanged man to see if he was okay.

When she got closer, she realized she had made a terrible mistake.

The bones of his sternum jutted from his chest.

His face looked as though it was made from the same wood as the tree he hung from.

His face split into a wide, sadistic smile.

She recalls him warning her to leave.

She froze on the spot.

Then a gust of wind shook the tree.

The bough he hung from creaked.

The Hanged Man swayed in the wind and asked this poor young girl if she wanted to come with him.

Terrified, she ran away.

When she returned to the tree with her friends, the Hanged Man was gone.

She never saw him again.

What Does the Hanged Man Want?

Haunted Palmetto: The Hanged Man of Palm View Cemetery

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The Hanged Man is a card in most Tarot decks’ Major Arcana.

In Tarot, the Hanged Man card represents a crossroads.

It signifies that a person has an important decision to make.

Rumor has it that the Hanged Man guards the entrance to the afterlife in Palmetto.

Every spirit laid to rest in Palm View Cemetery will see the apparition of the hanged man.

Then, rumor has it, they must choose their path for the afterlife.

A spirit may follow the Hanged Man to either Heaven or Hell, or they may choose to linger in Palm View Cemetery and haunt the grounds.

Some stories say that if a living soul sees the Hanged Man, they have the choice to either live or die.

First, he will warn them to leave.

If they don’t listen, he will ask him to come with him.

If they run away, they live.

But if they take his hand…their soul will never return.


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