10 Most Haunted Places Near San Francisco

Beautiful San Francisco is known for its quaint towns, popular beaches, boats, and summer fun.

But it has a much deeper and often disturbing history of hauntings; paranormal encounters, murders, kidnapping, rapes, and sexual violence that’s creepy, chilling, and often grotesque.

10 Most Haunted Places Near San Francisco

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Updated 9/19/2019 – Outsiders think of San Francisco as a place to shop, bike, and explore, recharging before they get back to the grind of everyday life.

But there are those who visit certain areas for the first time and come back freaked out and convinced there is truth to the deep dark secrets told.

Other people have witnessed something unusual they’ll admit, but fail to attempt to define with absolute what that was.

Where is the line between fiction and reality?

Is there a point they intertwine?

Perhaps you’ll have to step in and see for yourself.

Visit These 10 Places Near San Francisco To See Terrifying Paranormal Activity

#10 – Chambers Mansion

10 - Chambers Mansion - Haunted Locations Near San Francisco

Photo credit: ghostdogg2.tripod.com

Locals say this spectacular Victorian mansion found in Northern California was crafted in 1887 for Richard Chambers, a short hike from the city.

This eerie dwelling has a disturbing history of bloody sacrifices and paranormal witchcraft practiced by Chamber’s nieces who inherited the place.

Doesn’t help that prior to that Richard’s wife apparently got cut in half in a “farm accident.”

Reported screaming could be heard coming from the home at odd hours and putrid greenish smoke apparently hovered above.

#9 – Rose Hill Cemetery

9 - Rose Hill Cemetery - Haunted Locations Near San Francisco

Photo credit: graveyardrabbitofcontracostacounty.blogspot.com

This Northern California cemetery is said by locals to be haunted by Sarah Norton, the “White Witch.”

Legend has it she died on route to deliver a baby when her carriage flipped, crushing her skull.

Her soul is said to be restless because she was never buried; once a storm hit and another time a stampede burst through before the burial.

The town deduced she was a witch and her soul can’t rest in peace.

Many of the tombstones have been stolen and the dead souls are restless, haunting the area.

People believe the cemetery is still haunted despite exorcism attempts.

#8 – Orchard Supply Hardware Warehouse

8 - Orchard Supply Hardware Warehouse - Haunted Locations Near San Francisco

The Orchard Supply Warehouse is said to be haunted by a little girl that was raped, beaten, and savagely murdered by a local gone mad.

This occurred before the warehouse opened.

Workers report hearing screams and running feet; blowing in the ears, pulling of the hair, and even groping of the testicles.

#7 – China Camp State Park

7 - China Camp State Park - Haunted Locations Near San Francisco

Photo credit: summitpost.org

Visitors say evil established in 1854 by ancient Chinese gold miners – once a vibrant and alive village now collects dust as a real ghost town.

Ghosts remain and haunt the area.

It will scare the hell out of you – pop 146.

In 1956 there was a disagreement between two Chinese American societies and a reported 2,500 gathered with weapons for a grisly battle.

Visitors say evil is in the air.

#6 – Manrow House

6 - Manrow House - Haunted Locations Near San Francisco

Photo credit: redfin.com

Visitors come to this “the House of Demons,” that resembles a quaint Swiss cottage.

Built in 1851, the owner, J.P. Marrow, reported paranormal activity.

Things like tapping on the walls, doors slamming shut, and even deathly screams in the middle of the night.

During the investigation all hell broke loose.

A headless ghost appeared in the window waving a machete.

Dishes shot out of the cupboards and flew across the room smashing against the wall.

#5 – Alcatraz

5 - Alcatraz - Haunted Locations Near San Francisco

Photo credit: flickr/jameshannan

This island in Northern California is best visited at night, when creepiness is on high alert.

The place where the rapists, child murderers, serial killers, and most dangerous felons were locked up.

History reports 36 inmates tried escaping this living hell; 23 were caught, 6 were shot dead, and 6 drowned.

Horrendous crimes went on within these walls, isolated from civilization.

Paranormal activity due to the gang rapes, torture, and reports of brutal sex crimes linger within the walls today.

#4 – Greenwood Mansion

4 - Greenwood Mansion - Haunted Locations Near San Francisco

Photo credit: ghostbustingwithbaby.com

Former owner John Greenwood and his wife were reportedly murdered her in late 1891.

Apparently they were victims of a robbery gone wrong.

The intruders wound up slitting the throat of the wife and decapitating John in fear of getting arrested.

Today it’s used as administrative offices but has the reputation as being haunted.

Some claim to have seen the ghost of the wife moaning with her head half off; supposedly mourning over the savage death of her husband.

#3 – Curran Theater

3 - Curran Theater - Haunted Locations Near San Francisco

Photo credit: flickr/onasill

A ticket booth attendant was murdered here in 1922 just before locking up for the night.

A witness from across the street claims to have seen it happen.

She said a homeless floating man was swinging a metal object repeatedly across the head of the attendant.

This continued until the screams stopped and the ghost-figure vanished.

Police arrived quickly to no evidence of murder – the attendant was never found.

Today people report seeing the ghost attendant floating around after the last show.

#2 – Winchester Mystery House

2 - Winchester Mystery House - Haunted Locations Near San Francisco

Photo credit: flickr/rodneyharvey

In Northern California many visitors go to the Winchester Mystery House.

The verified truth is back in the early 20s Sarah Winchester believed she was being haunted by ghosts.

She consulted a legitimate psychic that instructed her to build rooms in order to be safe.

If she didn’t the ghosts would kill her.

The building was never finished, Sarah died after building over 160 rooms and 47 stairways.

#1 – Moss Beach Distillery

1 - Moss Beach Distillery - Haunted Locations Near San Francisco

Photo credit: laballerine.wordpress.com

This is where twice a year you can witness the horrific ghost of a bloodied woman in a blue dress.

Rumor has it this woman was vengefully stabbed by her jealous lover, a piano player, in the 1900s.

Some guests witness her sitting on top of the piano or dancing wildly in some of the empty rooms.

Your Next Step and Direction to the Locations

When you visit one of the places on this list, you  never know what sort of paranormal activity you’ll come across.

That’s part of the thrill and the fear.

The thought of witnessing a creature or entity from another dimension is magnetic.

Get directions here and check out some places on this list.

Then tell us about your experience!