Trickster Spirits Haunt This Lakeland Playground

Lakeland is a charming city in Polk County, Florida, that does its name justice with the numerous lakes and water bodies it offers to its residents and visitors, both inside and on the outskirts of the city. 

With all of these possibilities in one place, Lake Parker Park is the perfect choice to have some fun outdoors… as long as you stay far away from the kid’s playground, that is.

Updated 2/9/2020 – The Lake parks in Lakeland are also abundant, and Lake Parker Park is fairly popular for being not only a place where you can sit and watch swans swim by, but also a great location for fishing, hiking or walking on natural trails, and having big barbecues for everyone in the family, kids and pets included.

But there is a dark, dark, problem…

A Forgotten Place That Was Taken Over By Unfriendly Hosts

Although the main playground is known for not being the tidiest place of the park, what most people ignore is that there was once a second kid’s zone that is long forgotten and in worse shape than the former.

Located southeast on the park’s map, this other playground is now nothing more than a place full of rusted swings, old slides and non-functioning ziplines that are not at all attractive to the eye.

Those who have stumbled upon it by accident have experienced unease just by the look of it.

However, is this restlessness only the product of the playground’s deteriorating state, or could there be something else there that causes anxiety?

According to a few number of locals, the old playground in Lake Parker Park started being inhabited with time, and not by homeless people but by paranormal, horrible entities that now terrorize those who come close to their area.

These ghosts are many, and they seem to hate visitors so if you ever come across the old playground, it is a good idea to keep a distance, unless you want to suffer the wicked spirit’s tricks.

These Entities Want You Either Out Or Dead

Ghosts dancing in the night.


The ghosts of the playground will not think twice before putting you in a dangerous situation.

A group of three young men that ran into the decaying area thought they could fool around on the structure.

One of them tells their story:

“We were wrong.

After a few minutes, strange things happened.

A freezing breeze started and, with it, everything in the playground began to move violently as if they were trying to hit us.”

The trio saw how the swings went moving non-stop on their own, and the carousel began to go round without anyone pushing it.

“We were paralyzed, dangling between fear and curiosity.

But I think they didn’t like that, the ghosts, I mean.

We began to hear whispers in the wind of mad, angry voices.

When that happened, we ran off”.

When they went back home, they noticed the old playground is not marked on the map anymore, and decided to not tell anyone about it, nonetheless.

“I don’t think it’s a safe zone.

It seemed to me that these ghosts didn’t mind killing us as long as we weren’t around anymore.

So if you happen to find it, appreciate it from afar and do not go near it at all”, he finishes.