Beware The Depraved Gatekeeper At This Paranormal Galveston Cemetery

It’s not often that one sees palm trees in a cemetery; indeed, it’s not often that one feels a cool sea breeze across one’s cheeks when one is in a cemetery.

Lakeview Cemetery in Galveston, Texas, however, offers a little bit of both.

And if you go during the day, you might even get out of there alive and with your sanity intact.

Is Lakeview Cemetery Guarded By A Mysterious Apparition?

gatekeeper ghost

Updated 2/11/2020 – There are no high walls surrounding Lakeview Cemetery; rather, upon approach one sees a fairly open and well-manicured vista dotted by gravestones and surrounded by a low rock wall, which is only occasionally punctuated by wrought-iron or chain-link fencing.

All in all – during the daytime, at least – it has the appearance of a serene and beautiful final resting place for the earthly vessels of the departed.

At night, however, strange things have been known to happen.

A mysterious figure, known in the area by the simple moniker “The Gatekeeper”, evidently wanders the graves at night; local sources have reported seeing gravestones topple over with no apparent cause in the hours after twilight, and a few brave and/or foolish people per year report making the attempt to enter the cemetery at night, only to be menaced by the gatekeeper, whom they almost uniformly describe as a dark, shrouded figure which hovers over the ground.

Once a favored spot for locals interested in doing some ghost hunting, Lakeview Cemetery has fallen somewhat out of fashion in recent decades because most of the people who check it out end up being frightened out of their wits.

The Worst Part About It Is How He Makes You Feel

“We hit that one up,” says one twenty-nine year-old grad student with a man bun and visible goosebumps as he talks, “and that was the last time I ever went ghost hunting, bro.”

When asked what went wrong, he at first replies with only one word: “Everything.”

It takes another shot of espresso to draw out the rest of the story.

“Like, most people don’t understand that the fear of seeing something like the Gatekeeper isn’t because of what he – or it, or whatever – looks like.

He’s just this shrouded thing floating around; you can’t even see his face.

And I mean, my buddies and me, we thought we could pretty much handle anything…if this dude had had a skull for a face or something, we’d’ve been tripping balls, but cool, you know?

“But it isn’t that at all…it’s the feeling; like, have you ever felt so depressed that you wanted to kill yourself, but didn’t even have the energy to do it?

It’s like that; dude just radiated some kind of evil, dark energy.

And what was so frightening about it was how hopeless and alone it made you feel.”

Adventurers beware; sometimes stepping forward into the corridors of reality which lie adjacent to our own comes with a price.

If you don’t believe it, just ask some of the people who’ve been to Lakeview Cemetery after dark.

They’ll tell you all about it.