The Choking Ghost of the Infamous Hollywood Beach Resort

Much like the famous Hollywood sign in California, the Hollywood Beach Resort is an iconic part of the Hollywood, Florida landscape.

Built in 1926, the hotel has seen many notable stars stay within its doors.

Among the most famous is Al Capone, who once called the Hollywood Beach Resort his home.

The Choking Ghost of the Infamous Hollywood Beach Resort

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Updated 2/10/2020 – But over the last few years, many of the hotel guests have claimed to have uncomfortable experiences during their stay.

Hollywood Beach Resort: Home to Terrifying Ghosts?

Guests who rent rooms on the 2nd and 7th floor seem especially prone to have a paranormal experience.

Orbs, disembodied voices and explainable cold spots have all become the norm on these two floors of the resort.

Knowing of these incidents, Hayley decided to rent a room on the 5th floor for her boyfriend’s 30th birthday.

“He enjoys learning about infamous American gangsters, so I knew he would be delighted staying in a place where Al Capone once lived,” she said, unable to hide a grin.

“Still, neither of us would consider being scared as a good time, so I made sure to reserve a room on a floor that didn’t seem to have any of that paranormal crap.

“We checked into the hotel and went to a nearby bar for drinks.

“Joe, my boyfriend, had had one too many long islands, so I got us a taxi to take us back to the hotel.

“As soon as we got into our room, he plopped on the bed and immediately fell asleep.

“I laughed to myself, grabbed two aspirin and a large glass of water and placed it on the bedside table next to his head.

“I knew he’d need it come morning,” she chuckled.

“I wasn’t tired yet, so I decided I would explore the lobby some more, and see if there was any Al Capone memorabilia around.

“I grabbed our key card, and slowly shut the door behind me.

Whispers in the Hallway

“The hallway was empty, and I quietly made my way towards the elevator when I heard a voice coming from the other end of the hall.


“’You’re supposed to be…sleeping,’ I trailed off, thinking it had been Joe, but nobody was there.

“Thinking he had called my name and then had shut our door again, I walked back to our door.


“This time it came from the end of the hall I had just come from, but again…nobody was there,” she said, goosebumps appearing on her arms.

“I was super freaked out, so I just decided to go back into our room and try to get some sleep.

“It took a while, but I finally dozed off.

Just one of the many entities haunting this historic resort.

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“About an hour later I woke up to hear a loud gasping in our room.

“I thought it was Joe, and that he was having one of his asthma attacks.

“I fumbled for the lamp, but when I turned it on, I saw he was still dead asleep beside me.

“Instead, the gasping came from a naked woman sitting on the floor.

“She had a huge clear bag wrapped over her body, and she was suffocating to death.

“I screamed and screamed until suddenly she disappeared,” Hayley whispered.

“I shook Joe until he woke up, and we were driving out of Hollywood not twenty minutes later.”


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