What Hides in the Dark Corners of Eureka’s Fort Humboldt?

Spread on a generous stretch of land on 3431 Fort Ave, Eureka, Fort Humboldt State Historic Park is a history lover’s haven.

It’s one of the landmarks that withstood time as well as several wars between European Americans and Native Americans in the mid-1800’s.

What Hides in the Dark Corners of Eureka's Fort Humboldt?

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Updated 9/23/2019 – It’s also the eternal resting place of several entities, many of which have been bound to the area after their death and hate the living.

Beware What You’ll See at Fort Humboldt in Eureka

Eureka is one of those Northern California cities where every nook and corner has a paranormal story to tell.

And Fort Humboldt testifies to this claim with several ghost stories of its own, many of which have been proven by several visitors’ testimonies over the years.

One of the reported hauntings is that of the spirit of a post commander who died at the facility’s hospital.

After losing his battle with malaria back in 1859, he can be seen peering into the hospital’s windows.

Despite many people reporting seeing him, there’s yet to be any pictures or recorded EVPs because paranormal investigators can’t gain permission to visit the hospital very late at night.

Regardless, those who did get to see him have been known to die within a year.

So, make sure not to be around the hospital after midnight if you value your life.

The hospital has other entities as well, but no one has been able to pinpoint who they are.

These are responsible for several spooky activities during the night, including dragging heavy objects across the floor, turning lights on and off, and dropping objects to make themselves heard.

While these occurrences started in the 1950s, they started happening more regularly after 1993.

The Other Ghost of Fort Humboldt State Historic Park

This is the face that haunts the dreams of anyone who has been unlucky enough to see it.

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One of the reasons Fort Humboldt is featured here today is because a reader posted about it on our Facebook page.

According to her post, she and her husband were making their way back to their car in the dark.

They noticed a figure sitting on the hood of the brand new vehicle and that made her husband snap.

He ran angrily towards it only to run back and drag his wife in the opposite direction.

She wrote, “He looked pale as hell as he dragged me back to the park.

It wasn’t until half an hour later that he told me that the man wasn’t human at all.

It may have been a ghost or something else, but it definitely scared him.

It had long teeth like something straight out of AHS S4 and mismatched eyes that literally said, ‘You’re Next!’”

Don’t be surprised if you come across this entity or others for that matter.

After all, you’re in Eureka, one of the most haunted cities in Northern California and home to thousands of angry, disgruntled ghosts.

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