Texas Governor’s Mansion: Haunted by Tormented Ghosts

Located in Austin, Texas is the fourth oldest executive residence in the U.S. This beautiful mansion was built in 1854 and has been continuously inhabited by Texas governors since 1856.

The Texas Governor’s Mansion was declared a historic landmark in 1962 and in 1970 was listed as an actual “Governor’s Mansion” in the National Register of Historic Places.

The Chilling History of the Haunted Texas Governor’s Mansion

Updated 2/11/2020 – This mansion’s history has included many occupants over the years.

The residents of Austin will tell you that many of the those occupants never left.

The spooky tenants left behind are believed to be many, with at least two former governors.

One of the more popular stories is that of a 19 year old young man.

The legend says that this young man was visiting the governor’s mansion when Pendleton Murrah held the office as the final confederate governor of Texas.

The story goes on to tell of how the young man fell head over heels for the governor’s niece.

The young man proposed to the girl and she denied his proposal, leaving him brokenhearted.

He then returned to the quaint little guest room he occupied in the north wing of the great mansion and shot himself in the head.

The lore goes on to say that only a short time passed before they began to hear cries and wails of someone sad and tormented coming from the tiny room.

It was so soon that servants hadn’t even cleaned up the blood spatters covering the room.

The servants told stories of loud banging at night that would keep the occupants and visitors up at night.

Eventually the next governor, Andrew J. Hamilton, went ahead and had the door sealed up due to the continuous complaints.

The haunted happenings were said to have continued well into the 20th century when they finally unsealed the door.

Even since the unsealing of the door, witnesses still hear the creepy tormented cries of the young man to this day.

Bloodcurdling Screams and Spooky Spirits

Texas Governor's Mansion: Haunted by the Ghosts of Dead Politicians

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The two governor’s said to haunt the residence are Sam Houston who died in 1863 in Huntsville, Texas, and Pendleton Murrah who dies in 1965 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon Mexico.

Murrah is said the move freely about the massive mansion and it’s surrounding property, witnesses have seen his dark figure in multiple spots.

Houston’s spirit seems to stay confined to the room he occupied when governor, the room still has his large mahogany bed.

Other residents and visitors of Austin have also claimed to have seen what appeared to be a young man screaming in anguish through the window.

The angst-ridden spirit was said to have just appeared pressed against window.

The face of what appeared to be a young man along with his were pressed up against the window, with just his mouth visible.

They witnesses claim that it appeared his mouth was open and a blood curdling scream could be heard.