Paranormal Portrait Found at the Littlefield House in Austin

In 1893, a new house was constructed in Austin, Texas.

Civil War veteran George Littlefield was looking to begin a new chapter of his life for himself, as well as for his wife, Alice.

Paranormal Portrait Found at the Littlefield House in Austin

Photo credit: flickr/Randy von Liski

Updated 2/11/2020 – The house was built on the campus of University of Texas.

When Alice passed away in 1935, she left the house to the University, and today it is used for school related events and offices.

The Most Haunted Victorian House in Austin

But it seems that Alice wasn’t quite ready to leave her beloved home.

Many students and other locals claim that her spirit still lingers, and is especially active on the upper floor of the house.

Being a diehard skeptic, nearby resident John thought the haunting of Alice was just a tale passed down from student to student.

While he thought the tale gave the University a touch of character and culture, he didn’t believe a lick of it was true.

“I’ve just seen too many paranormal things debunked I guess,” he said with a laugh.

“I never believed any of that stuff was real, until one day when my girlfriend attended an event at the Littlefield house.”

Did she tell you what occurred?

“Yes, and I can say without pride that it was a major paradigm shift for me, because I know she’s a reasonable skeptic as well.

“One of the academic clubs she’s involved with had an impromptu meeting at the house because their usual meeting spot at the library was being used.

“The meeting was well underway when she stood up to use the restroom.

“However, the bathrooms were temporarily out of order on the first floor, so she decided to see if she could use a bathroom on the second floor, where the offices are.

“She climbed the steps, located the bathroom and conducted her business,” he said.

“But when she stepped back into the hall, she noticed a photograph on the ground that definitely wasn’t there before.

The Smiling Mannequin

“Now, most people who go to University of Texas know all about the Littlefields, and the numerous contributions they made to the school.

“So when my girlfriend looked at the details of the photograph, and the décor in the picture, she presumed the picture had belonged to Alice Littlefield,” John shrugged.

Can you describe this photograph for us?

Sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words. Other times? Dead silence.

Photo credit: tumblr/darkkaart

“Well it was definitely old…there was a large oval mirror in the background that you don’t see much these days.

“But in the foreground was this old fashioned mannequin used for making women’s clothing.

“The top half looked eerily like a real human, but from the waist down, it was made out of wood pieces structured together to fit dresses on.

“My girlfriend stood there admiring her find, thinking about who she should give it to on the school board, when things got…very crazy.

“She told me that while she looked at the photo, the woman-mannequin turned her head to look at my girlfriend and gave her a strange smile,” John said with alarm.

“My girlfriend described that smile as ‘maniacal.’

“She was so caught off guard, she dropped the photo as if it had burned her.

“And she said that it started to fall but disappeared before the picture hit the ground,” John gestured.

“Now, my girlfriend is one of the most practical people to ever attend the University of Texas at Austin…

“…And if it rattled her that much, then I truly believe the Littlefield house is haunted.”


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