Temple City’s Haunted Intersection: Garibaldi and Baldwin

Temple City may be the fifth safest city in California, but it has a few spots people would think twice before stepping into.

One of these spots is the Garibaldi and Baldwin Intersection.

The southwest corner of this intersection is as calm as the rest of the city during day.

Temple City's Haunted Intersection: Garibaldi and Baldwin

A peaceful intersection

Updated 2/10/2020 – But come nightfall, it’s engulfed by the suffocating aura of the spirit restlessly roaming there, watching those mourning his untimely death.

The Ghost of the Small Memorial in Temple City

If you ever walk by the Garibaldi and Baldwin Intersection, the first thing you’ll see is the memorial set up on the corner.

Littered by flowers and candles left behind by mourners, this spot is where Johnny lost his life in a motorcycle crash.

The crash was so severe that even his friend behind him lost his life a few minutes from reaching the nearest hospital.

While many thought this was the last time they’d see or hear from Johnny, several mourners flocking to the intersection were surprised to see him standing next to the lamppost there.

Instead of his usual smile was a deep frown and a deathly white expression.

When they tried talking to him, he ran away and vanished before their very own eyes.

How Things Took a Turn For the Worse

Johnny has been haunting the spot he died at for years.

At first, however, he didn’t do much aside from lurking at the intersection.

Unfortunately, some people don’t understand the need to avoid provoking ghosts.

Amateur and expert mediums from Temple City came to the area to learn more about him and help him pass over.

At first, he remained silent like usual.

But then he snapped.

Tormented by his own death, he lashed out at the people who forced themselves on him.

Some claim that he scratched their faces because his own was marked with gashes and scratches after the accident.

One medium even claims that he tried taking over his body so that he can enjoy life as usual.

Regardless, Johnny did calm down eventually, allowing these people to continue living.

Temple City's Haunted Intersection - Garibaldi and Baldwin

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But there was once someone who took things a little too far.

Hearing about the sad ghost of Temple City, a man from the nearby Arcadia made his way to Garibaldi and Baldwin.

He tried making contact with Johnny, but was ignored.

He didn’t take being rejected well and began trying to push the ghost to retaliate.

Johnny finally snapped and began attacking the man.

But the latter didn’t cease, so Johnny flung him onto the road hard, in front of a car.

Luckily, the driver jammed her breaks and the annoying man survived.

Since then, no one has tried making contact with Johnny.

Though many are curious about him, they don’t try communicating with him.

Especially while he’s looking down at the drying flowers and melted candles marking the place he took his last breath at.

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