She Awaits: Don’t Visit Palos Verdes’ Vanderlip Mansion Alone

Stately perched on 99 Vanderlip Dr., Palos Verde, Vanderlip Mansion is a private community that was built by American banker and journalist Frank A. Vanderlip.

The first thing you’ll come across as you edge closer to the property is a robust gate that surrounds the large property.

She Awaits: Don't Visit Palos Verdes' Vanderlip Mansion Alone

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Updated 2/10/2020 – Thing is, the gate isn’t used to fend people off as it’s helpful in keeping the violent ghosts on the property in it.

One ghost in particular has been extremely intolerant to everything that breathes.

A pale woman dressed in gray has been known to shriek at people who dare to stop by Vanderlip Mansion.

“You’re not supposed to be here!” she screamed at a group of high schoolers from San Pedro who tried checking whether the urban legends surrounding the mansion were true.

She then watched them with jet black eyes as enraged hounds chased them off the property.

But who’s she and what could have happened to turn her into this violent force?

Theory #1) The Daughter of the City’s Most Powerful Man

According to the first legend, the Woman in Gray was Vanderlip’s daughter who fell in love with an African American man.

As such a relationship was forbidden during that era, her father tried forcing her to break it off.

When she didn’t and her pregnancy started to show, he secretly built an insane asylum across the street from his house and imprisoned her in it until she gave birth.

But that wasn’t her punishment.

Vanderlip’s daughter was forced to watch her father kill her lover and the baby she had then-just delivered in cold blood.

She took her own life then and there, only to forever haunt her prison and the Vanderlip Mansion for decades later.

She equally lashed out at her father, who later left Palos Verdes and moved to New York.

And that’s where he died in 1937 at the age of 72.

Theory #2) The “Mother of Palos Verdes”

She Awaits: Don't Visit Palos Verdes' Vanderlip Mansion Alone

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By marrying the man fondly known as “The Father of Palos Verdes”, Mabel Narcissa Cox became a well-known figure in the local community as well as a motherly figure many looked up to.

Little did anyone know that she was battling a few demons of her own.

Possibly possessed or driven to the brink of insanity by a mental disorder, Mabel attacked every member of her family with an axe.

She didn’t even spare the dogs, chopping them up and burying them in the walls of her once-calm house.

When the locals of Palos Verdes barged into the mansion, they saw blood on the walls and the hanging corpse of Mabel Narcissa glaring down at them from the living room ceiling.

Hardly six months later, anyone venturing into the Vanderlip Mansion was attacked by glowing dogs.

If they managed to slip through, they would be ‘welcomed’ by the cries of the children who lost their lives there.

If that doesn’t scare them, it won’t be long before the Woman in Gray crosses their path and claim their souls.

Though there are hundreds who would argue that these are only urban legends, Vanderlip Mansion is, in fact, a hotspot for the paranormal.

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