Haunted Elgin: The Mortuary Spirit at Quoffer’s Pub

For many years, Quoffer’s Pub served the citizens of Elgin, Texas whenever they were in need of frivolity and a cold pint of beer.

Labeled as a decent enough dive bar, Quoffer’s offered a respectable amount of beers on topic and unassuming company, ready to celebrate the end of another hectic work week.

Haunted Elgin: The Mortuary Spirit at Quoffer’s Pub

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Updated 2/11/2020 – Quoffer’s Pub has been closed for a handful of years now, but when the Elgin community passes by, they think about the rowdy, smoking locals that once frequented the place.

…Not at all what the building had been prior.

The Former Funeral Home of Elgin

During the early 1900s, it is believed that the building that would later evolve into Quoffer’s was a funeral home and mortuary.

According to a long forgotten legend, many of the dead were brought to this building many days before they could be properly buried.

Those who are knowledgeable of this believe that it took too long for these bodies to be properly laid to rest, and their souls became trapped inside the building for all eternity.

For Elgin native, Trish, the history of the building was unknown when she agreed to enter the building right after Quoffer’s had closed.

The property had been bought up by a new owner, but the pub sat closed and empty as the contract was being processed.

A Dare Turns Deadly Serious…

Trish and a group of friends had been walking past the building when a friend of hers dared her to find a way into the building.

The group searched for a way in from the outside of the building, and eventually found a small window that Trish could open up and climb through.

Her friends gave her a boost, and she shimmied into the dark pub.

“Everything had been fun and games up until that point,” Trish said, looking stern.

“It wasn’t just because I was hyper aware that I had trespassed onto private property…there was something so different about the air inside Quoffer’s that was incredibly unsettling.

Almost as if I were intruding on something ancient and unknown,” she added, with a shake of her head.

I started to hear whispers around me, but at the time I had assumed it was my friends, loitering outside the window, waiting for me to return.

Can you imagine seeing this sight in Elgin?

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“I admit that from the moment my feet hit the ground, I desperately wanted out of there,” she whispered.

“But the dare was to walk through every room in the building, and I was determined to do that.

As I walked from the bar area into the ladies’ bathroom, I couldn’t help but feel like an unseen but overwhelming presence was with me, following behind me, breathing beside me.

’Relax…stop being a coward and finish exploring,’ I whispered to myself out loud.

‘It’ll be over in a moment.’

“’Nooo…’ a female voice said behind me, and every hair on the back of my neck stood on end.

“After that, I was terrified, I didn’t care if my friends berated me every day for the rest of my life, I had to get out of that building.

I jerked around and headed towards the bar, where I had first gotten into the building.

As soon as I turned the corner…

I saw her…,” Trish whispered, looking frightened.

“There was a pale white woman standing in the middle of the bar, dancing by herself.

She wore period style clothing, and I could see right through her to the other side of the room.

“I was so shocked and terrified, I thought I was going to faint then and there.

But I knew I had to get out,” Trish nodded.

“I decided to run for it, and the moment I started running, that woman had reached out to grab me with both hands.

I screamed in fear, and everything around me went black.

I woke up some minutes later to my friend Joe, picking me up off the floor and carrying me back to the tiny window.

Now days, I see Elgin differently…and I have a profound respect for what Quoffer’s had once been.”


117 North Main Street
Elgin, TX
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