Terror In Florida: Is This High School Haunted By Evil?

The first high school of St. Petersburg was founded in 1898.

Many buildings around St. Petersburg had been used to teach students until 1926, when the school’s current headquarters was built.

Over the years, many students have experienced strange events in a science lab on the third floor of the school.

Terror In Florida: Is This High School Haunted By Evil?


St. Petersburg H.S.: Where The Paranormal is Normal

Updated 2/10/2020 – Cold spots are a permanent fixture of the room, as are flickering lights and faucets that turn themselves on and off.

These strange occurrences have been happening since the early 1960s.

But despite the consistency of these events, nobody has been able to figure out what—or who—is at the root of this paranormal activity.

Until now.

Mallory’s (real name changed by request) had just started her senior year when she was scheduled to take an earth science class in the lab on the third floor.

“It was my fourth year at St. Petersburg, so I had already heard about the weird things that took place in that room,” she informed us.

“A lot of the guidance counselors will revise students’ schedules if they make enough of a fuss about being in that room.

But I was more curious than afraid, especially because I would be with at least twenty other students in there.

“When nothing happened during my first week of classes, I will be the first to admit that I was really disappointed,” she admitted.

But now I know the spirit had been there all along, waiting for the perfect moment.

It was Tuesday morning exactly one month into the school year when the entity made its presence known.

Horrors in the Science Lab

The hid behind the veil, or did it hide us from her?


“A severe thunderstorm raged outside, and many of us were distracted by the streaks of lightning that lit up the sky that we could see through the windows.

We were watching some boring educational video about tectonic plates when all of the sudden the school lost power.

All of the lights went out, and of course a couple of girls screamed,” Mallory said, rolling her eyes.

“As is typical of teenagers, everyone around me started talking and tossing paper footballs back and forth… but as our teacher tried to settle everyone down, I was distracted by something in the far corner of the room.

I squinted my eyes, wondering if my eyes were playing tricks on me.”

What did you see?

“Somebody standing in the corner,” Mallory said.

“It looked like a silhouette that was darker than everything else around it.

Nobody else seemed to notice it, but it stood there, very still.

“The lights flickered as the backup generator tried to kick in.

During the quick strobes, I could tell the entity was a female.

The woman had wide, ornate skirts on, and a long sheer veil that hung over her face.

“I’m not sure why, but the generator gave out.

There was a general outcry again, but all I cared about was the eerie woman.

But she had vanished from the corner,” Mallory said, then trailed off.

Did you ever see her again?

Mallory laughed bitterly.


“When the generator turned back on, she was standing right beside my desk, bearing down on me.

My so-called friends described it to the school’s counselor as a ‘fit of hysteria.’

I’ve been the laughing stock of St. Petersburg ever since, but I don’t care.

“I know what I saw.”