Dog Afterlife: 4 Signs Your Best Friend Is Reaching Out To You

Ready to learn the truth about the dog afterlife?

Ready to learn the truth about the dog afterlife?

Spotting the signs of an animal spirit was something hardly spoken of in decades past.

However, more and more pet owners now share their similar experiences with best friends reaching out from the dog afterlife.

From once harsh skeptics to the everyday believer, pet visitations are a common occurrence amongst many.

Think your recently lost friend is reaching out to you?

Here are four signs to look out for so you won’t miss their message.

– Updated 2/11/2020

4 Ways Your Dog Is Contacting You from the Other Side

1) Feeling Their Presence in Your Room

The most common version of this sign happens in bed.

Since lots of pet enjoyed cuddling up by our sides or at our feet during their life, they tend to repeat these patterns in the dog afterlife as a means of closure.

Being such physical sign, this is the one that turns skeptics into believers.

Watch this video learn more about pets on the other side:

Pets are intuitive to our emotions, and this act is your pet’s way of helping you through the grieving process.

As you begin to heal, the behavior will slowly taper off.

You might also feel their whiskers on your face, feel the heat of their breath, or simply sense their presence in your room.

These sensations often happen as you’re waking up since this is when your body is most receptive to this form of communication.

2) You Hear Them Around the House

This can come in a variety of forms.

You might hear claws tapping on a hardwood floor, or paws pitter-pattering up and down the stairs.

Sometimes you might hear the jungle of a collar or even the familiar sound of a heavy breath before your pet would fall asleep.

These are called clairaudient experiences.

Watch this video to learn more about clairaudience:

Clairaudience is, simply put, the ability to hear spirits.

This ability is often heightened after a loss, as our bodies are searching for a presence no longer there.

The result is like a fine-tuned antenna that picks up on spiritual signs.

It isn’t uncommon for your pet to want to be with you even after death.

Some believe this is a natural result of your loving bond with them, while others believe it is their way of helping us to move on.

Keep your ears open, and listen for familiar sounds they used to make.

If you tend to see your old pal in your peripheral vision, they are probably there with you.

If you tend to see your old pal in your peripheral vision, they are probably there with you.

3) A Glimpse in Your Peripheral

Have you been walking through your house, cleaning or simply moving from one room to the next, when all of a sudden you could have sworn you just saw your pet out of the corner of your eye?

You’re not going crazy.

This is another sign that they are reaching out to you from the dog afterlife (or cat, bird, ferret, etc.).

This one is two-fold.

It means that, to some degree, you are clairvoyant.

On the flip side, it is a true visitation from an apparition.

Commonly, animals are seen in a more hologram-like state than the typical white shade associated with human ghosts.

4) Your Thoughts Change from Sadness to Joy out of Nowhere

It’s hard to think of anything happy during a time of loss, but pet owners have experienced a sudden jolt of positive energy in the form of a memory or happy thought.

Do you feel your pet's presence even though they have passed?

Do you feel your pet’s presence even though they have passed?

As if out of nowhere, they suddenly think of a happy time spent with their pet, or a smile on their pet’s face.

This common happening is a sure-fire sign that your pet is trying to cheer you up from the dog afterlife.

Think about how you knew exactly what they wanted when they were alive as if the two of you could communicate telepathically.

It’s the same concept, but with an added clairvoyance.

This is their way of telling you not to focus on the loss, but to remember the good times the two of you shared and to keep those times in your heart.

Even after their passing, they attempt to cheer you up when you’re down and put a smile on your face.

Parting Words

Animals are perhaps the purest-hearted beings on the planet.

They love us unconditionally, from the time they are brought into our homes until after they are gone.

If yours is reaching out to you from the great beyond, then take comfort in their presence and know that they are here for you while you grieve.