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Beware The Shape-Shifting Ghost On This Old California Road

There is a local legend in El Centro, California. Many believe that many years ago, a girl was killed on Dogwood Road. The Legendary El Centro Car Crash Updated 2/10/2020 – It is believed that she was involved in a car crash and never made it to the hospital. Many El Centro residents know of this […]

Ghost Scared All Of The Animals Away From This California Zoo

Long ago, long before the Griffith Park Zoo in Los Angeles was even created, there was a wealthy land owner named Don Antonio Feliz. Feliz lived with his sister, and his niece, Dona Petronilla who happened to be born blind. It is said that Feliz dearly loved his niece, and intended to leave his wealth […]

A Disturbing Whistling Ghost Haunts This Historic California Theatre

The Anaheim Center for Performing Arts at the Servite Theater is a much loved part of Anaheim’s landscape. Whether it’s a seasonal event, or a party equal to that of Great Gatsby, Anaheim always delivers exquisite festivities and people. Even when it doesn’t intend to… An Anaheim Cultural Gem Updated 2/10/2020 – When the talented Servite staff […]

Ghost Of Fisherman Lurks At This California Playground

Sweet Shade Neighborhood Park is a beautiful park full of sunshine. Mature trees provide ample shade over the park’s benches and tables for parents, while the kids get many fun structures and swings to play. Updated 2/10/2020 – At first glance, it’s a place of safety and tranquility, and the perfect playground for kids. Located […]

Dead Girl In A Blue Dress Haunts This Abandoned Mill In California

In 1918, a mill was built in Murrieta, California. It was intended for local farmers to be able to buy grain in bulk. The KEA Mill ran successfully all the way through the early 1970s. However, it is said that the mill had a fire and never fully recovered from the loss. The KEA Mill […]

This Old Road In California Is So Haunted It Will Terrify You

Many roads in the United States are said to be haunted, and the Lost Lake Road in Blythe, California happens to be one of them. Several locals try their best to avoid this road, hearing tales of a dead Indian Chief who wanders by the side of the road. But a few residents have claimed […]

A Deadly Spirit Lurks in the Bathroom at This California Shopping Outlet

On January 5, 1916 rain began to fall on San Diego, California. Two tropical storms had, by chance, collided together over the city, creating one massive storm. The situation was made even worse by an amateur scientist by the name of Charles Hatfield. A San Diego Tragedy Updated 2/10/2020 – Knowing that San Diego was […]

Terror in Victorville: Are Dead Locals Back from the Grave?

Victorville, California is home to a most disturbing road. Each year, residents in town report seeing a myriad of different spirits walking along El Evado Road during the night. Even those who have yet to see anything paranormal along this road believe that it is the known as the home of a dead little girl. […]

Haunted San Diego: The Legend of the Dead Old Man on Bonita Road

There are many cultural landmarks that are important to see in beautiful San Diego. But some may not be what you’d think. Consider the manifestation on haunted Bonita Road. The Most Paranormal Street in San Diego Updated 2/10/2020 – According to local legend, there once was an elderly man who attempted to cross Bonita one […]

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