A Disturbing Whistling Ghost Haunts This Historic California Theatre

The Anaheim Center for Performing Arts at the Servite Theater is a much loved part of Anaheim’s landscape.

Whether it’s a seasonal event, or a party equal to that of Great Gatsby, Anaheim always delivers exquisite festivities and people.

Even when it doesn’t intend to…

An Anaheim Cultural Gem

Updated 2/10/2020 – When the talented Servite staff isn’t readying the space for an upcoming event or gathering, the facility is not void of occupants.

Rumor has it that the building is haunted by unseen spirits, especially on the second floor.

Others have reported hearing disembodied footsteps along the hall.

Regan (Name changed for privacy) had heard about a possible haunting at the center, so when her mother asked if she wanted to attend the Autumn Soiree with her, Regan was eager to accept.

She wanted to visit the building so she could explain away the myth in her own mind.

Regan never believed in ghosts.

Whistles in the Dark

The longer you stare, the creepier it gets, but it's hard to look away...


“The day of the party came, and I had my phone and compact flashlight in my purse,” she said, looking proud.

“The moment we had arrived and found our designated seats, I excused myself and said I was going in search of the ladies’ room.

Really, I wanted to explore the layout of the building.

“I had wandered for several minutes, and then realized I wasn’t sure where I was,” she admitted, with a blush.

“I noticed stairs to a second floor to the left of me, and something compelled me to see what was up there.

As I got halfway up the stair, I felt this strange wave of cold air pass right in front of me, blowing the ends of my hair up.

“Suppressing a shudder, I continued to climb until I made it to the second floor landing.

It looked like there were a series of doors and offices on either side, but the landing was open, with a scattering of furniture.

I drifted over to a chair and sat down in it,” she said with a shrug.

“It was a rocking chair, but I made sure to keep my feet planted on the ground so the chair wouldn’t rock—I didn’t want to make noise,” Regan reasoned.

“I sat very still, and looked at the various doors around me.

Then, softly, ever so softly, I noticed that somebody was whistling down the hall.

“I slowly stood up, and crept my way towards the hall entrance.

I could see all the way to the window at the very end.

I realized the whistling must have been coming from one of the rooms to the left or right of me.

“I took a step closer, and I heard the whistling get steadily closer.

It sounded as if someone was walking toward me, as I heard the sound of feet against the floor,” she said, using her hands to imitate toes.

The footsteps increased their pace as they grew louder all around me.

“I cowered, realizing that the footsteps were not in some room, but were in fact right in front of me in the hall, just unseen.

A cold gust of wind rushed past me as I covered my face with my hands in fright,” she admitted.

“I stayed that way for several minutes before I finally felt brave enough to stand up and ran back to the staircase.

“I’ve been to a couple other shows in Anaheim, but nothing like on that freaky day,” Regan said.