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Terror in San Clemente: 4 Camping Spots Where Ghosts Will Speak To You

Nicknamed The Spanish Village by the Sea, San Clemente is constantly bustling with life. From top notch restaurants to exciting shopping outlets and all the way to surfer-friendly beaches, this quaint beach city has it all. Updated 2/10/2020 – But if you really want to discover the city, consider planning a San Clemente camping trip. […]

Haunted Avalon: The Dead Captain of the Catalina Boat House Hotel

In 1912, a gentleman named Captain Joseph McAfee navigated his houseboat from Venice Beach to Avalon, California in the hopes of making it his new home. After he purchased a parcel of land, he faced a dilemma. He could build a house, but why bother when he had a perfectly good one on the bay? […]

Does Something Demonic Haunt the Fox Theater in Visalia?

On January 5, 1929 the local newspaper had a headline everyone in Visalia was talking about. In the midst of financial uncertainty and despair, something exciting was coming to town: the Fox Theater. Updated 2/10/2020 – The theater was completed the following year, complete with elaborate motifs and ornate detailing. A Trip to the Visalia […]

A Ghost Will Whisper To You At This Haunted California Mansion

In 1912, senator Thomas Bard built his family a mansion in Port Hueneme. Bard mansion, also known as Berylwood, became an iconic part of the community, and remains so to this day. The space can be rented out for family or business related events. Former Home of a Port Hueneme Senator Updated 2/10/2020 – However, […]

Strange Orbs On This Brawley Street Will Force You To Question Your Sanity

While many people believe that the presence of orbs in photographs are insects, or dust particles, there are those who believe these circular balls of light are spirits. Some of those people live in Brawley, California. And in Brawley there is a road where orbs are a common occurrence. Updated 2/10/2020 – Some locals have […]

There’s Nothing Worse Than A Ghost Who Ignores You At This California Park

Before becoming the known Wilder Ranch State Park, this portion of Californian land standing on the Pacific Ocean coast went through a big number of hands and men who fought intensely for its ownership. Updated 2/10/2020 – The story goes far back to 1839, when the Governor of Alta California, Juan Bautista Alvarado, gave the […]

Merciless Ghost Of Jealous Woman Threatens Visitors To California Cemetery

While many cemeteries are automatically associated with creepy trees, somber statues and eerie headstones, Sunnyside Cemetery in Long Beach exists far and beyond any of these stereotypes. Not only does this cemetery play host to hundreds of burials, but it also hosts many events for the local community. The Most Unusual Recreational Center in Long […]

Does The Ghost of a Suicidal Marine Haunt This California Base?

As World War II was underway, the U.S. Army and Marine Corps decided a large training base on the west side of the country was needed. By February 1942, the Marine Corps purchased 122,798 acres of land, which had been called Rancho Santa Margarita y Los Flores prior to that. Camp Pendleton was built in […]

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