Shivers To Be Had At Mount Helix Park

If you ever happen to be in La Mesa, California, and you want to take the opportunity to (potentially, at least) give yourself a good scare, take a traipse on down to Mount Helix Park.

You’re especially likely to run into trouble the closer to nightfall it is.

Shivers To Be Had At Mount Helix Park

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Updated 2/10/2020 – After all, if you’re lucky – or unlucky, depending on how you look at it – you may run into the Lady of the Park.

Just hope that if you do it’s from a distance, because she’s probably been dead for a very long time.

Lady of the Park

Unnerving Screams at Mount Helix Park

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Visitors to the park have seen her between the trees, usually for just a moment or two.

They say that she walks in an old, tattered Victorian-style dress, which in some accounts has been torn, as if she had been attacked.

This is certainly a possibility, since most people who have seen her face have described it as terrifying.

“She’s all scarred up,” one person says.

Another opines, “She looks like she’s been lying dead in the grave for a thousand years.”

Still another says, “Her face is all lines and cracks, and between the cracks there oozes this fluid that isn’t exactly blood and isn’t exactly pus, but looks like something in between the two.”

Whatever the chemical makeup of the liquid spilling from her face, there seems to be a consensus that it is nothing pleasant.

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Unnerving Screams at Mount Helix Park

At Mount Helix Park, most people who have seen the Lady of The Park's face have described it as terrifying...

Photo credit: facebook/reel twisted fx

The worst part, at least according to the majority of the people who have run across her in the park, is not that she seems to have come straight out of the grave, or that she is dressed in a manner that hasn’t enjoyed the favor of fashion in over a century.

The worst part, most agree, is the screaming.

“I was just walking my dog through the park one evening,” says Bill, a fifty-three year-old early retiree who lives in the area.

“Just like I always do.

I remember thinking that it was unseasonably cool in the park, when all of a sudden there she was.

I heard her long before I saw her, though,” he says, and his eyes reflect much of the terror he must have felt that night.

“She screamed, not as if someone was chasing her down and trying to murder her, but as if she was in the process of being murdered.

Over and over and over she screamed, and her voice sounded hoarse from it.

I reigned Philly (his dog) in, but that was about all I could do.

I was frozen to the spot, and here she came through the woods, running at full tilt like the hounds of hell were after her.

She was swatting about at her head, and I think it was then that I noticed I could see through her hands, and knew deep down that I was looking at a ghost.

When she turned to look at me as she ran by, the worst thing about it all happened.

It was the thing that kept me up that night and for many to come.

Still does, sometimes.

It probably will tonight.”

I ask him what that thing was.

“She smiled,” he says.

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