Nevada City: Paranormal Activity at the National Exchange Hotel

The National Exchange Hotel is one of the treasures of Nevada City.

Though it shut down temporarily in 1863, it’s considered one of the oldest continuously operated hotels west of the Rockies.

But you’re not here for a history lesson on this famous landmark, are you?

Nevada City: Paranormal Activity at the National Exchange Hotel

Photo credit: flickr/Wayne Hsieh

Updated 9/23/2019 – You’re here to discover the things that go bump in the night there…

The entities that have the power to make chills run down your spine and constrict your throat.

So, brace your heart and read on to discover what may come after you at this hotel.

The Paranormal Events at National Exchange Hotel

The minute you walk into the hotel, you’re bound to feel that something’s just not right there.

If you can’t put your finger on it right then and there, don’t worry.

Wait till nightfall for the hotel to truly come to ‘life’.

If you stay outside your room till late hours, you’ll come across cold spots and even feel as though a cold, wet hand brushed against you.

If you decide to tuck yourself in, the ghosts here may keep you up at night.

The piano is said to play a haunting melody at night and floorboards of empty rooms would creak in the floor above you.

A guest who stayed in Room 42 woke up at midnight because of the sounds of soft knocking on the door of the room next to his.

Because he was told that he was the only person on the floor, he suspected that he was just hearing things.

The knocking, however, became very aggressive and he heard a soft female voice say, “Don’t leave.”

Minutes later, he was in the lobby, checking out and driving out of Nevada City.

The Ghosts Living at Nevada City’s Oldest Hotel

There are several ghosts residing throughout the National Exchange.

The most prominent of these is Elizabeth, a young girl who haunts the second floor.

Nevada City: Paranormal Activity at the National Exchange Hotel

A medium claims that she died of a childhood illness, possibly mumps as that was the widespread disease at the time.

She is relatively friendly towards the staff and allows them to call her ‘Beth’.

Most of the hotel’s guests have seen her skipping rope or heard her riding a tricycle in Room 78.

Another spirit that made the hotel her forever home is that of a Victorian woman who was murdered in the hotel.

Legend has it that she owed a man some money, but wouldn’t pay him.

The man broke into her room that night, hid in the closet, and lunged at her when she returned.

He slit her throat and watched her try to crawl outside the room.

Till this day, her ghostly bloody hand prints can sometimes be seen in Room 48 on different surfaces near the door.

The third ghost you may come across is that of a man who’s always seen wearing a white shirt, black vest, and black pants.

Not much is known about his origins or why he haunts the hotel.

However, he’s been known to walk up an interior staircase, looking back to see who follows him.

If someone dares to go behind him, he would suddenly vanish.

Some claim that they heard a blood curdling laugh as they looked around bewildered, trying to find the well-dressed gentleman.