The Invisible Gang of Horsethief Canyon

As a major center of the Second California Gold Rush, Corona, CA is home to more than its fair share of ghost sightings and other paranormal activity.

The drama and violence of the Old West was in full swing in this part of Southern California, and tempers often ran high.

The Invisible Gang of Horsethief Canyon

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Updated 2/10/2020 – Murder and thievery was commonplace, and many of these lost souls still stalk the landscape more than a century later.

One of the most haunted spots in the area is Horsethief Canyon.

Named for the gang of desperadoes who once made the canyon their home, there is evidence they have not moved on.

In fact, the gang may still be lurking in their old hideout, searching for travelers to rob.

EMF meters tend to spike when entering the woods around the canyon, and many visitors report a feeling of being pulled or drawn towards a circle of trees.

It is thought that this circle is where the outlaws made their camp.

The ghosts of the horse thieves manifest themselves in other ways, as well.

Cold spots infest the trails of Horsethief Canyon, and hikers frequently complain of red, itchy eyes and difficulty breathing.

Some have even reported dizziness and disorientation when trekking through this haunted wilderness.

Hikers holding flashlights and other light sources are especially susceptible to these effects.

Groups of visitors and real psychics have reported that the member holding the brightest flashlight was subjected to dust clouds, loud noises, and even a sensation of being physically pushed and struck.

The horse thieves apparently prefer to stick to the shadows!

The campsite itself, known as “The Circle of Trees”, is unsurprisingly the point of strongest supernatural activity.

EMF is off the charts, air pressure is low, and many visitors report small glowing orbs floating through the air.

Most disturbingly, human sized shadows can be seen flitting through the trees, as though the gang is massing for an attack.

It seems clear that, unlike some spirits, these ghosts are malicious and are not to be trifled with.

Their criminal acts while living may have carried over into the beyond.

Ghost hunters, psychics, and ordinary hikers are advised to be very cautious when venturing through Horsethief Canyon.