Premonition Dreams: What They Mean And Why You Have Them

Discover what premonition dreams are and why you have them.

Discover what premonition dreams are and why you have them.

Dreams are a manifestation of your subconscious.

They occur during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) part of sleep, and most of them are not remembered by the time you wake up.

Some dreams are just a reflection of the events of the day, while others are more meaningful.

If you have recurring dreams or dreams that feel real, you might be experiencing premonition dreams.

– Updated 2/11/2020

What Is A Premonition?

A premonition is a vision, a gut feeling, or another experience that grants you knowledge of things that haven’t happened yet.

These experiences can be hard to recognize since you won’t realize you had one of these dreams or visions until the event actually happens.

Premonition dreams are more common than you might think.

In fact, several individuals had dreams about the sinking of the Titanic before it happened.

You have probably had a premonition dream yourself and experienced déjà vu when you encountered the situation you saw in the dream.

Do visions in your dreams tend to come true?

Do visions in your dreams tend to come true?

Premonitions can be messages from another plane of existence.

A spirit such as an angel, a guide, or a deceased loved one could want to share an important message about future events with you, or you might simply have a gift for seeing future events.

Premonition dreams are more common than visions and other forms of premonitions because this is when your subconscious can show you things.

How To Recognize A Premonition Dream

If you have a recurring dream or if there are common elements in most of your dreams, your subconscious is definitely trying to tell you something.

This could be a premonition or just a sign that there is something bothering you.

Premonition dreams often feel very real and will show you specific places, people, and events.

You might also have a dream where a spirit or a deceased loved one tells you about the future.

What To Do About These Dreams

Sometimes images of the future may appear as flashes or fragments in your dreams.

Sometimes images of the future may appear as flashes or fragments in your dreams.

Vivid dreams about catastrophic events can be very troubling.

If you think you are having premonition dreams, you need to start keeping a dream journal.

Keep your journal on your nightstand and write down what you remember when you wake up.

You might only remember a few things at first, but your brain will make a conscious effort to pay attention to details and to remember things when you dream once you get used to recording everything in your journal.

Keeping a dream journal will make your dreams clearer and it will be easier to remember the messages and visions you see in your dreams.

You will also be able to go back and read past entries and figure out which dreams turned out to be visions of the future.

Watch this video for some useful tips on keeping a dream journal.

This YouTube user sketches landscapes seen in dreams to remember places:

Understanding Your Dreams

Dreams are an expression of your subconscious and follow a very different set of rules.

You might get a premonition dream where a spirit describes future events or see the events in detail, but a lot of premonitions are hidden under a layer of symbolism.

You need to learn to interpret your dreams if you think there is a meaning behind them.

Some dream symbolism is very personal and will require you to learn to interpret these symbols yourself, while some symbols are shared by all.

For instance, dreaming about a car crash often means there is a conflict in your life.

The more you practice the more you'll be able to understand what your dreams mean, and how they relate to the future.

The more you practice the more you’ll be able to understand what your dreams mean, and how they relate to the future.

Water is a sign that you feel overwhelmed, and dreaming about flying shows you are motivated.

Practicing free association and free writing will help you get in touch with your subconscious and figure out what the elements from your dream are associated with in your mind.

Try going over your dream journal regularly so you can practice free association for the recurring elements in your dreams or do some free writing exercises around the scenarios you often encounter in your dreams.

You probably won’t recognize your first premonition dream until the things you saw come true.

If you are experiencing recurring dreams or dream about things that feel very real, you need to start a dream journal and might want to look into other methods to get in touch with your subconscious, such as meditation.

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