Prepare for a Restless Night at Temecula’s Very Haunted Palomar Inn

“Beautifully quaint” is the first thought that comes to mind while standing outside the Palomar Inn on 28522 Old Town Front Street in Temecula, Southern California.

Surrounded by 3,000 acres of vineyards and western themed shopping centers, it’s truly a haven for tourists.

Prepare for a Restless Night at Temecula's Very Haunted Palomar Inn

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Updated 2/10/2020 – But if you’re sensitive to the paranormal, all you need to do is take one step closer towards the entrance to feel a deathly chill engulf you.

The Ghostly Who’s Who at Palomar Inn in Temecula

Built in 1927, Palomar Inn houses more entities than its 10 rooms can accommodate.

And not all of them are ghosts.

The first of these is within the Native American phoenix totem hanging outside.

Given for good luck by the chief of a Washington State tribe, it failed to prevent the damage caused by the 1993 floor.

However, being ineffective in warding off bad luck is one thing and lashing out at the people it’s supposed to protect is another.

Several guests claim that the totem comes to life after midnight.

Many reported hearing loud screeches that would scare them back into the hotel while outside.

Some guests even said that they were attacked by “something bird-like” that pecked at their faces and left black and white feathers behind.

If anything, the totem drives the Palomar Inn’s guests directly into the filmy arms of its former, dead guests.

The bathrooms are one of the places where you can expect to come across cold spots and even apparitions according to several accounts.

If you stay up late, you can hear the loud voices of people yelling after 2am.

Several guests reported hearing two people arguing around 4am followed by a loud bang similar to that of a gunshot.

When they came out of their rooms, though, there were no bodies or blood stains.

Even if you decide to stay in your room, you can’t be too sure of your reality.

Need an extra hand? This Temecula Inn is happy to lend you a hand.

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A couple checked in only to feel as if the mattress sprung hands that caressed them during the night.

After discussing the matter and deciding to check out the next day, they spent a sleepless night after the same ‘hands’ started thrashing and clawing at them.

Why Southern California Paranormal Fans Love the Inn

While you won’t find much material about it being haunted, Palomar Inn is definitely a favorite with those who love the paranormal.

One of the main reasons for this is that its ghosts are very vocal.

Dale Garcia, a history buff who’s in charge of the hotel’s Old Town Temecula Candlelight Tours, has recorded several EVPs in April 2009.

While some of these indicate that the ghosts were annoyed by the investigation, others were downright threatening and demeaning.

One of the entities actually responded to a female investigator with “I get it, [expletive]!”.

So, be cautious while striking a conversation with the entities there.


28522 Old Town Front Street
Temecula, CA
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