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The Paranormal Dangers of Playing Pokemon Go at Black Star Canyon

The stories of people having strange encounters while playing Pokemon Go continue to flood our inboxes. The game hasn’t even been out for very long, but millions of people are playing Pokemon Go every single day. Since this game can lead you all over the place, there’s a lot of ground getting covered that wouldn’t normally get much […]

Ghost Pushes Teenage Boy Into Car (Caught On CCTV Camera)

*Please scroll down to see the video* How many times have you went to get in your car, and you check the backseat as a precaution before you get in? Believe it or not, a lot of people do this, because they’re afraid a serial murderer could be hiding in the backseat of their vehicle. One […]

Security Camera Catches Creepy Grudge Ghost in the Mirror

*Please Scroll Down To See The Video* One thing humans have been told since they were children is that there’s no place like home, and that’s very true. Home should be a safe zone, where someone can go to and always feel like they’re safe and secure. That being said, the bedroom is the sacred area […]

Scary Videos: Chilling Footage Of Ghost Caught On CCTV Camera

*Please Scroll Down To See Video* If you like scary videos, you’re in for a fright. In this video you’ll see an eerie ghost captured by a wireless CCTV camera. One of the first things you’ll probably be concerned about as soon as you start this video, is whether or not this is going to be one of […]

Scary Videos: Shadow Figure Attacking Baby Caught On Camera

*Please Scroll Down To Watch Video* We want to start off by warning you that this scary video may be disturbing. It’s a video of what appears to be a ghost, or a shadow figure attacking a baby. This isn’t one of those “screamers.” This is a genuine video you’re about to see, so be warned that […]

Scary Videos: 5 Haunted Dolls Caught On Camera Moving

Have you ever wanted to see videos of possessed dolls moving all on their own? In the scary video at the bottom of the page, you’ll see a collection of 5 videos of possessed dolls moving on their own. Scary Videos: 5 Haunted Dolls Caught On Camera Moving The Evil Princess Doll Forget the fake […]

New Discoveries: German Scientists Prove There Is Life After Death

One of the biggest unanswered questions mankind has is life after death. Different religions and cultures have diverse beliefs on what awaits man in the afterlife. Scientists from Germany have concluded that there is indeed life after death. New Discoveries: German Scientists Prove There Is Life After Death They have experimented for over four years on 944 […]

Scary Videos: Real Ghost Caught On Baby Monitor

*Please Scroll Down To Watch Video* There are mysteries we encounter that even science can’t explain. Some scary videos we come across leave us all dumbfounded. One such mystery is the real ghost footage caught on a baby monitor (seen below). Scary Videos: Real Ghost Caught On Baby Monitor It would be a nightmare for any parent to see something weird going on […]

Ruins Of Ancient City Found In Antarctica

Everybody knows about the lost city of Atlantis. But what if there is another lost city that is waiting to be fully discovered? There has been a missing TV crew from California since November 2002. The name of their company seems to befit them because of their discovery – Atlantis TV. The team left behind a video […]

Is This Amazing Footage of Proven Psychic Energy?

We believe in superpowers when we’re kids. When we get older we put aside notions that people can actually move things with their mind or light things on fire. But what if powers, particularly psychic energy, were real? If you’re skeptical about humans possessing these strange abilities, you might want to check out the paranormal video below. It […]

Watch: Demonic Growls Heard in Haunted Asylum?

Often times bad places will have bad spirits linger in them. Abandoned prisons where all sorts of evil men used to be held now harbor evil spirits. Houses that have had murders take place within them have the dead wander the halls. And insane asylums, where a variation of atrocities have usually taken place, often have presences that are […]

Do These 5 Kids Possess Real Psychic Super Powers?

Have  you ever walked down the street and seen a woman with a crystal ball at a booth who promises to tell your fortune? Chances are the premonitions that she details for five bucks probably won’t come true, or they will be so vague that you can’t tell. However, some people possess traits that defy traditional […]

The Scariest Movie You Shouldn’t Watch Alone

There are some films that make you so frightened you can’t watch them unless you have company. If you put on films like The Ring, The Conjuring, The Shining or The Grudge, chances are you’re not going to be having a pleasant night of trying to get to sleep. One of the most frightening films […]

Watch: A Haunted Tour Through A Real Haunted House

**Please scroll down to see the video** If you have ever wondered what a haunted house might look like, you will want to check out this haunted tour video. Youtuber Annie Marie has experienced her fair share of paranormal activity while living in her creepy apartment building. According to her, the neighbor that lived in the floor […]

Thursday Haunted Stuff: Faceless Ghost Spotted at Indian Temple

Ghosts and apparitions can appear from the most unlikely of places like suburban houses, libraries or even amusement parks, but sometimes they’re right where you expect them to be. Religious and spiritual landmarks are great hubs to the spirit world because in a way they act as a kind of barrier; a place between the living […]

Watch: Is This Real Video Footage of the Loch Ness Monster?

The question that has been plaguing mankind for years: Is the Loch Ness Monster Real? One of Scotland’s most infamous folktales, the Monster is supposedly a dinosaur that has been sighted in the Loch Ness, a body of water in the Scottish Highlands. Many believe it to be one of the last plesiosaurs, an unconfirmed line of […]

Ghost Investigators Assaulted by Psychic Manifestation?

Have you ever gotten bad vibes from just being in someplace you can’t explain? That creepy room, house or basement that just makes you feel like you shouldn’t be there? There are tons of places that are filled with paranormal activity that affect your physical and mental well-being. You can often feel cold, hot or start shaking. […]

Mysterious Voices Overheard in Haunted Hospital

We all like to believe that ghosts and spirits of past loved ones exist. We take comfort in knowing that spirits of deceased relatives are watching over us. But is that really what we want for them? To be hanging around in the mortal plain as ghosts, unable to move on to the afterlife? Being a ghost […]

Dog Attacked by Ghost in Haunted House?

Creepy things have been known to happen in residential homes. What might appear like a nice house in the suburbs could be filled with all sorts of strange paranormal activity including ghosts and poltergeists. If you’ve ever been home alone and heard strange noises or things that go bump in the night, you’re not alone. In actuality […]

Mysterious Blue UFO Over Los Angeles Could Be Alien Sighting

Do you believe in life beyond the planet Earth? You will after watching this video showing a possible UFO and alien sighting. This amateur footage taken by a group of Los Angeles residents shows what looks to be a massive UFO flying in the night sky. The spacecraft is engulfed in a bright blue aura before […]

Watch: Ghost Caught on Camera in London Underground?

Have you ever seen something that you just can’t explain? If you have, and have witnessed the activity of a ghost or a paranormal event, then you might find this video interesting. There have always been numerous sightings of ghosts in the London Underground. While these were just usually rumors about apparitions usually appearing near the subway, it seems […]

Amityville: The Awakening Trailer Will Make Your Blood Run Cold

For too long know horror movies have followed a cookie cutter formula that uses cheap jump scares to get a rise out of an audience. What aspiring filmmakers must realize is that a true piece of horror lies in the psychological. The kind of fear that gets to the viewer long after the credits are done […]

This Stephen King ‘IT’ Fan Film Will Haunt Your Dreams

What is it about clowns that make them so horrifying? That’s the question that author Stephen King asked when he wrote the novel IT, a story about a killer clown named Pennywise that preys on young children. Like most of King’s work it was adapted into a horror movie that frightened and terrified viewers for years to come. […]

10 Trending Horror Movie Lists You Need to Check Out Now

While everybody might not admit it, we all love to be scared. There’s no better way to give yourself a quick jump than to watch a truly terrifying movie. The public has been obsessed with horror movies ever since the silent vampire movie Nosferatu first came out in 1922. Since that time the horror genre […]

Paranormal Signs to Look for in Haunted Museums

Haunted museums often catch visitors unprepared for the psychic turmoil then inflict. Most places that are haunted you would certainly expect, such as an old house, a dark cave, or a creepy hotel. There are other places however that the last thing you would expect them to be is haunted; such as museums. They are filled with […]

The Dangers of ‘Playing’ With a Ouija Board

Let’s get one fact straight: Ouija is NOT a Game. Though the board itself is a harmless piece of compressed wood, the form of communication people attempt often is. By conducting a séance with these, you’re extending an invitation to the spirits residing on the lower astral plain. Unfortunately, these spirits tend to be confused, especially after […]

The Shocking Truth Behind Haunted Dolls

When the movie, The Boy was released, it reminded many that even a cute porcelain doll has the power to claim your soul. Despite the plot twist in the movie (no spoilers, please), it’s apparent that there’s a supernatural force behind the main character that ensures its survival. While this may just be a movie written […]

Terror In The Trees: Did Abuela Warn You About La Lechuza?

Has a Lechuza ever called your name? Latinas in California know better than to whistle three times at midnight as that’s an invitation to one of the fearsome Mexican paranormal entities: La Lechuza. Haunting the former part of Mexico, especially San Diego, she haunts the sky after dusk or nightfall, swooping down and carrying away the […]

The Best EMF Meter for Ghost Hunting (Detects Real Spirits)

If you’re interested in the best EMF meter for ghost hunting, you’re in the right place. Ghost hunting used to be a very inexact science. Wannabe paranormal investigators would use whatever techniques seemed right to them at the time, and there was very little agreement or standardization of the tools used on ghost adventures. Things […]

The Best Night Vision Cameras for Ghost Hunting

Trying to find the best night vision camera for ghost hunting? We get it. Humans are visual creatures. Seeing something with our own two eyes, as the saying goes, gives it credibility. Especially when dealing with something unknown and even unknowable, laying eyes on it gives us a sort of comfort. That’s why one of the […]

7 Best Night Vision Camcorders for Ghost Hunting (Gets Real Spirits!)

Looking for the best night vision camcorder for ghost hunting? Everyone has seen at least one of those ghost hunting television shows and how they use their cameras. The intrepid paranormal investigators set up their gear overnight, and in the morning, they’ve captured footage of all kinds of creepiness! Do you want to do the […]

Beware La Llorona: Vengeful Spirit That Will Claim Your Soul

Every year, there are numerous La Llorona sightings. Have you ever encountered this real-life terrifying legend? If you’re traveling along Trabuco Creek near San Juan Capistrano, visiting O’Neill Regional Park, or planning a trip through Fresno’s Snake Road, you’re bound to come across one of the powerful vengeful entities that haunt the older parts of Mexico that […]

James Dean’s Cursed Little Bastard

On September 30, 1955 James Dean met a tragic end at the Highways 41 and Highway 46 junction near Cholame, California. A little after 5 pm, he slammed into a 2950 Ford Tuder that was trying to turn away from the intersection. While his mechanic, who was in the passenger seat, survived despite being ejected from the […]

(Awesome!) The Best Digital Voice Recorder for Capturing Real EVPs

Are you interested in getting the best digital voice recorder for capturing real EVPs? Well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. When you’re looking to get started in the world of paranormal investigations, there are a few things you need. You need a good team that you can trust. Ghost hunting can be dangerous, and not just because of the spirits […]

10 Most Bizarre Deaths in California

Life: Nobody gets out alive. We all have to go sometime, and most of us hope we’ll be peacefully lying in bed, surrounded by family. Some people aren’t quite so lucky, though. For them, the end was a bizarre affair. Whether they were mercifully quick or excruciatingly slow, these people suffered deaths that the rest of us can’t […]

How To Conduct A Seance

Is there something you forgot to say to a dead loved one? Do you want to communicate with the other side? Do you have the mental fortitude to handle yourself if you make contact? Seances are not something to undertake lightly. Communicating with the spirits can be deeply unsettling and at times dangerous. They can also answer some […]

A Ghostly Warning that Could Have Saved Sharon Tate

Sharon Tate was a rising star who reigned during the 1960s after making her film debut in the ‘Eye of the Devil’. Her popularity further rose when she married Roman Polanski, her director and co-star in ‘The Fearless Vampire Killers’. However, she left this world early at the age of 26, murdered at the hands of […]

10 Most Mysterious Cryptids of California

The term cryptid refers to an animal or a plant that has not been acknowledged by the scientific community, but whose existence is suggested by reports or circumstantial evidence. An inexplicably shaped animal track, an odd noise in the woods or a disquieting shape barely glimpsed through the underbrush. Or perhaps the frantic words of […]

The Truth Behind Ouijamania

While many believe Ouija boards to be a great source of spooky entertainment, there are thousands of people who firmly believe that they can connect them with the spirit world. Unfortunately, what most people fail to understand is that toying with the paranormal without truly understanding it comes with a price: their sanity. The First Case […]

10 Celebrities Who Know Incredible Secrets of the Paranormal

It’s always a little surprising when a famous actor, actress, or musician claims some experience with the supernatural. Then again, why should it be? It’s doubtful that ghosts and other paranormal entities care about our worldly pursuits. They have their own troubles, and they’re probably far too busy to be star-struck. Does a 200 year old ghost care […]

The Difference between a Ghost and Demonic Haunting

When things go bump in the night, the first thing that comes to your mind is that your home is haunted. However, the weird noises, chills down your spine, and strange happenings may not always be the work of a ghost. You can’t rule out the other paranormal entities in this world, especially the most dangerous of […]

Spectral Stars on Catalina Island

Nobody knows why beautiful Catalina Island attracts so many restless ghosts and spirits. All we know is, it does. The little paradise off the Southern California coastline is so well-known for paranormal activity that ghost tours are one of the main tourist activities offered there. Of the many ghost stories told on Catalina Island, one of the […]

What Happened to Elisa Lam at The Cecil Hotel?

If you thought that ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ was freaky, chances are that you haven’t heard of The Cecil Hotel. Recently rebranded as Stay on Main, the hotel is a budget accommodation in Downtown Los Angeles that originally had 700 rooms (now 600). Since 1927, the hotel’s history has been riddled with suicides, murders, disappearances, and serial […]

10 Real Ghost Sightings That Will Terrify You

Sometimes, seeing a ghost changes everything. You don’t have to believe what these people saw. It is what happened next that should scare you. Alleged ghost sightings happen every day in every corner of the world, leaving skeptics and believers in agreement about one thing. Our obsession with the supernatural often leads to strange behavior. Throughout history, ghost […]

The Haunting of Doris Bither – The True Story Behind ‘The Entity’

Martin Scorsese called it one of the scariest horror films of all time, but ‘The Entity’ was just more than a movie. The events rolling out on the screen, bringing chills down your spin, were based on the true story of Doris Bither. Who is Doris Bither? In 1974, which is when Doris first spoke of […]

3 Haunted Paintings You’ll Never Want in Your House

When it comes to haunted objects, nothing tops the eeriness of haunted paintings. Some have been accused of burning houses, breaking relationships, and even driving their owners crazy after they felt painted eyes follow them or bore deep into their souls. If you’re shaking your head in disbelief, here are three hair-raising stories of paintings that […]

7 Paranormal Creatures That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Have you ever seen a picture of a ghost that stuck in your mind? What about some other paranormal entity? We all have that one story, image, or experience that keeps us up at night. For some, it’s an apparition in a darkened room. For others, it’s an eerie sound that no human could make. And others still, may […]

How To Record EVP

Do you want to know how to capture electronic voice phenomena (EVP)? It’s a valuable skill to have for anyone interested in the paranormal. That’s because many amazing and valuable paranormal phenomena make themselves known through sound. These spirits and phenomena are very real, if only we know how to hear them. Why You Should Learn How To […]

7 Terrifying Paranormal Creatures You’ve Never Heard Of

If you think you’ve heard of all the paranormal creatures out there, think again. The amount of paranormal activity our world experiences on a daily basis is staggering in depth and variety. And the creatures that are spawned from such activity are equally varied. Some are mere nuisances to humans. But others are terrifying in both appearance […]

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