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Queen Mary Haunted Tour Review (Warning: Ghosts Inside!)

For modern day ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts, visiting the Queen Mary isn’t optional. – Updated 2/9/2020 Although the famous ship now has a permanent home in the Long Beach Harbor, its history is very long and full of fear and mystery. There are loads of haunted tours in the Los Angeles area, and it […]

4 Most Thrilling Haunted Tours in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the great cities of the United States, full of great things to do and places to explore. Readers of this site might be especially interested in haunted tours in San Francisco, CA, and there are plenty to choose from. This article is our guide to the finest haunted tours in SF. We carefully […]

5 Spooky Los Angeles Ghost Tours That Will Thrill You

Los Angeles is the land of show business. It seems like no matter what your interest, there’s somebody out there who can present it with style and spectacle. It even holds true for ghost hunting, as evidenced by the huge number of Los Angeles ghost tours available. Of course, a lot of Los Angeles ghost […]

The Scariest Movie You Shouldn’t Watch Alone

There are some films that make you so frightened you can’t watch them unless you have company. – Updated 2/9/2020 If you put on films like The Ring, The Conjuring, The Shining or The Grudge, chances are you’re not going to be having a pleasant night of trying to get to sleep. One of the […]

10 Trending Horror Movie Lists You Need to Check Out Now

While everybody might not admit it, we all love to be scared. There’s no better way to give yourself a quick jump than to watch a truly terrifying movie. The public has been obsessed with horror movies ever since the silent vampire movie Nosferatu first came out in 1922. Since that time the horror genre […]

The Best EMF Meter for Ghost Hunting (Detects Real Spirits)

If you’re interested in the best EMF meter for ghost hunting, you’re in the right place. Ghost hunting used to be a very inexact science. Wannabe paranormal investigators would use whatever techniques seemed right to them at the time, and there was very little agreement or standardization of the tools used on ghost adventures. Things […]

The Best Night Vision Cameras for Ghost Hunting

Trying to find the best night vision camera for ghost hunting? We get it. Humans are visual creatures. Seeing something with our own two eyes, as the saying goes, gives it credibility. Especially when dealing with something unknown and even unknowable, laying eyes on it gives us a sort of comfort. That’s why one of the […]

7 Best Night Vision Camcorders for Ghost Hunting (Gets Real Spirits!)

 Looking for the best night vision camcorder for ghost hunting? Everyone has seen at least one of those ghost hunting television shows and how they use their cameras. The intrepid paranormal investigators set up their gear overnight, and in the morning, they’ve captured footage of all kinds of creepiness! Do you want to do the same? Want to get […]

(Awesome!) The Best Digital Voice Recorder for Capturing Real EVPs

Are you interested in getting the best digital voice recorder for capturing real EVPs? Well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. When you’re looking to get started in the world of paranormal investigations, there are a few things you need. You need a good team that you can trust. Ghost hunting can be dangerous, and not just because of […]

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