The 5 Best DVR Surveillance Systems For Hotel Room Ghost Hunting

Are you a serious ghost hunter?

Are you looking to add something new, and effective, to your paranormal inventory?

Something that will help you capture real spirits in hotels rooms and homes?

Well then, DVR surveillance systems should be on the top of your list of equipment.

The ability to capture compelling evidence is enhanced dramatically with the inclusion of this powerful ghost hunting tool.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our two favorite DVR surveillance systems – Updated 2/9/2020:

If you want to see all 5 surveillance systems, and get in-depth info, continue reading.

DVR Surveillance Systems, Ghost Hunting, and You

What Tools Do Ghost Hunters Use?

The best investment is the inclusion of a quality DVR surveillance system, but don’t forget these tools which are just as important – such as an EVP recorder, EMF meter, flashlight and batteries, thermal camera, motion sensor and ghost box.

Two way radios are also important for safety and don’t forget pen and paper, when all else fails.

What Is A DVR Surveillance System?

DVR stands for Digital Video Recording, so a system with these capabilities records video footage from up to 16 surveillance cameras onto a hard disk, which can also include live streaming.

They are also more flexible than older analog video systems, due to video being easily transmitted over varied networks.

How To Do Surveillance?

Before setting up, you need to scope out the location to make sure you have good coverage of the haunted hot spots.

Installing your cameras high up or in places that ensure a total view of the area ensures capturing better evidence.

Having full spectrum cameras also enhances the ability to catch various anomalies.

The 5 Best DVR Surveillance Systems For Ghost Hunting

1) 5 Megapixel Super HD 1920p 2.8-12mm Varifocal Outdoor / Indoor Network Video PoE IP Security System

GW Security 5MP (2592x1920p) 8Ch NVR Home Security Camera System - HD


Your swag of paranormal investigation equipment will be complete with this system that also includes lifetime tech support.

It has a pre-installed 2TB hard drive, a single network cable which directly connects each IP camera, day/night vision and remote access via various devices.

With HD video you’ll be sure to capture quality visuals.

Having a hard drive with 2 terabytes gives you a lot of storage for the many hours of ghostly footage you’ll be recording, which makes this system even more attractive.

2) Revo R165B10GM21-4T 16 Ch. 4TB 960H DVR Surveillance System

Revo R165B10GM21-4T 16 Ch. 4TB 960H DVR Surveillance System


The best DVR surveillance systems have what this great product offers, such as 2TB memory, remote viewing on various devices, eight night vision cameras with infrared capabilities and HD resolution.

Four cameras are weather resistant and the multi channel system allows for email notifications which include images and video clips.

The notification capability is a great feature, which allows you to leave the location whenever you need to and receive visual alerts that give you the opportunity to return if necessary, especially if scary and awesome activity occurs.

3) EZVIZ 720p Home Security Surveillance System with 8 Weatherproof HD Cameras

EZVIZ 720p Home Security Surveillance System with 8 Weatherproof HD Cameras


This wireless kit has the capability to be linked with smart devices for remote viewing and control, as well as voice control through Amazon Echo.

This system also has motion detection which sends alerts, night vision up to 100 feet and is weatherproofed – working in extreme temperatures – day and night.

Another capability that’s great for ghost hunting is 24/7 recording, clear HD image and video quality and manual setting for notifications that report the time movement was detected, which is great for keeping detailed records.

4) GW Security H.265 5 Megapixel Power Over Ethernet IP Security Camera System

GW Security 8CH H.265 4K NVR 5-Megapixel


If you’re wondering “What are the best DVR surveillance systems for hotel room ghost hunting?”, then this weatherproof system might prove to be a top option.

100% true plug and play, this system has remote viewing and control from your PC or devices, motion detection, infrared capabilities and USB backup, to name a few.

Remote viewing and control is a great function for ghost hunting newbies as well as those a little skittish about being in the same room with a scary apparition or dark shadows.

5) Annke 32 Channel H.264 Security Video Recorder with 2TB Hard Drive

Annke 32 Channel H.264 Security Video Recorder with 2TB Hard Drive


Updated 2/9/2020 – Collecting evidence through surveillance of haunted locations will be boosted by this weatherproofed system which also has superior, 24 infrared LEDs night vision up to 85 feet, 8 bullet wired and 8 dome wired security cameras.

With a 2TB drive included, this simple yet effective system includes a built in 3.6mm lens for wide angles.

Perfect for newbie ghost hunters and seasoned investigators alike, the package also has splitter cables, 60 feet power video cables, remote control and mouse.

A nice, compact kit for those who like to keep it simple.