A Newsworthy Haunting at the Bakersfield Californian Building

The Bakersfield Californian Building is an historic press building located in Bakersfield, California.

The media always has enemies, and the Bakersfield Californian newspaper is no exception — although its foe is more supernatural than political.

It has been the site of countless paranormal encounters since its construction in 1926 and especially since the death of the newspaper’s owner and editor.

A Newsworthy Haunting at the Bakersfield Californian Building

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Updated 2/10/2020 – The building is now in danger of becoming news itself.

Real Ghost Encounters in Bakersfield

The Bakersfield Californian has had many loyal workers during its time.

Some of them were so loyal they stayed on shift even after their demise.

The paper’s former editor and owner is still attached to the building and to his unfinished work.

Staff often witness him opening and closing his office curtains at night and looking out over the main lobby.

Many people wonder what kind of story he could have been working on when he died that was so important his soul lingers on to finish it.

Local gossip says it could be connected to the myriad other ghosts in the Bakersfield Californian.

The basement is haunted by mysterious, wraith-like figures who always disappear before anyone can get a good look at them.

Footsteps without feet trail down empty hallways as if to taunt janitorial staff working lonely night shifts.

Eerie moans echo through the building.

A Newsworthy Haunting at the Bakersfield Californian Building

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Rumor has it that a dead security guard still patrols the halls with his loyal German Shepherd.

No one knows how they died or why they’re still there.

Perhaps the pair saw something…

Something they weren’t supposed to see.

The Demon in the Black Suit

Some locals are convinced that the Bakersfield Californian Building is tormented by demons, and that’s why so many lost spirits are trapped there.

To add credence to this theory, witnesses have reported seeing a mysterious figure in a dark suit prowling around the front entrance.

Most of the time, he wears a wide-brimmed hat to cover his face, but according to one person who’s looked him in the eyes, there’s nothing human about the black suited man.

His face is gaunt and skeleton pale.

His empty eyes look through your soul.

Our witness refused to look at the black suited man too long.

He ran away, never to return.

Perhaps that’s why he’s still alive to share his tale.

Local rumors claim that the demon in the black suit has trapped at least four known souls in within the building.

It’s possible that the Bakersfield Californian newspaper has been tormented by demons for almost one hundred years.

How better for a demon to get their way than to influence the news?

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