Bakersfield: Sinister Woman In White Haunts Central Park

So, you’re thinking about visiting Central Park in Bakersfield, California?

Well, you may want to think again, because there have been numerous reports of a woman in white that haunts this park, and it’s said that she’s not a friendly spirit, either.

Bakersfield: Sinister Woman In White Haunts Central Park

Photo credit: flickr/Day Night Tripper

Updated 2/10/2020 – A lot of you are probably wondering how the woman in white came to be. 

Who is this woman?

Well, according to locals, many years ago a murder took place nearby.

The body of a woman was found floating down a canal, and she was dressed in a white dress.

The body was absolutely riddled with bullet holes, and no one knew who this woman was.

The killer has never been found.

This victim is unidentified.

But she’s been spotted many times.

The Sinister Woman In White

Numerous people have described the appearance of his woman as being “not from this time.”

As the name would suggest, she’s always seen wearing a white dress.

Some say that they’ve seen her holding a rose, or a child’s toy.

Whether that’s the case or not, a lot of people seem to report that she has a sinister smile stretched across her face, and that she stares at you with blank, white eyes.

Some people even describe her eyes as being “soulless.”

It’s said that if you stare into her blank eyes, she can capture your soul.

There’s also reports of this apparition being spotted in the tunnel, which seems to be a place that she frequents.

It’s believed that she returns to this area, because it’s similar to the area in which her physical body was found. 

The woman in white haunts Central Park in Bakersfield, locals think she's trying to find the person who killed her.

Photo credit: tumblr/darkersideoftemptation

The most popular theories suggest that she continues to haunt these grounds, looking for the person who took her life, since nobody else has been able to track them down.

She’s looking for closure… and revenge.

If You See Her In The Tunnel, It’s Already Too Late

It’s said that when you see her in the tunnel, that her feet don’t even touch the ground.

Instead, she seems to be hovering above the ground.

Locals say that if you happen to be walking through the tunnel and spot the mad woman, that she will actually chase you throughout the entire length of the tunnel.

One local says that she and her sister decided to walk through the tunnel on one summer day.

As they walked through the tunnel, they approached a woman.

At first, they didn’t realize that this was an apparition.

As they approached the woman from behind, she asked “where are the children?”

At that point, the sisters were frozen in fear, and stared at each other in confusion.

The woman then turned around, and that’s when they realized this was potentially a demonic entity.

The sisters quickly turned around, and ran away as quickly as they could.

The mysterious woman gave chase, getting closer and closer to the sisters.

Right when the woman in white was about to catch them, the girls reached the end of the tunnel and the spirit seemed to vanish into thin air.

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