Why Are There Hideous Creatures Haunting This Former Texas Theater?

For several decades the Schulman family opened up many movie theaters in and around Bryan, Texas.

One such theater, known as the Schulman Theater, was the alleged home of a tragedy while it was in business.

Why Are There Hideous Creatures Haunting This Former Texas Theater?

Hideous Creatures At Former Texas Theater

Updated 2/11/2020 – Rumor has it that the young man was at the theater with his partner when the couple struck up an argument.

Death at the Bryan Movie Theater

The man’s partner became so angry with him, he somehow attacked him and left him for dead within the theater.

The man’s body wasn’t found until the following day, and his partner is said to still be in jail.

While the Shulman has now become a building used by a local college, the paranormal activity that began at the theater continues to happen at the school building.

Many believe the ghost of the young man who was killed there continues to reside within the building.

But after one downright terrifying encounter, now former student Ashley (name changed for privacy) believes the building is home to something much more evil than one sad ghost.

Do you believe the man who was killed in the theater still haunts the building?

“Some of my friends have claimed to have heard him whispering in their ears and things like that,” Ashley replied.

“It’s possible he still haunts the building, but I know for a fact that that poor young man is not who I saw in the CPC building,” she added, looking scared.

Phantom Hands Beneath the Table

Why don’t you tell us about your experience starting from the beginning?

“I was with a couple of other students working on a project for sociology,” she said.

“We were sitting around a large table, each with our computers.

I was taking a couple of notes about a topic idea we had when I felt something make contact with my ankle under the table.

“I was wearing jeans so it was hard to discern what it was, but it felt almost like fingers,” she shuddered.

“Everyone else in the group seemed fine, so I told myself it had just been someone accidentally knocking into me with their shoe.

“We worked for another ten minutes or so when I felt it again, this time it felt like it full on grabbed my leg and jerked downward rather violently,” she said, making a tugging gesture in the air.

“I immediately stood up from my chair in shock.

“Everyone looked at me like I was being weird, except for the girl next to me who had turned pale white and very still.

“’Did something just grab you?’ she whispered, looking at me with wide eyes.


“’Me too,’ she said, whispering again.

“After we made everyone at the table swear they weren’t messing with us, we decided to call it a night for the project.

“I was so freaked out by that time that I gathered my things in a hurry and booked it out of there.

“I was halfway home when I realized I had left my cell phone.

“The CPC building was mostly deserted when I got back, and the room we had been using was pitch black.

“I fumbled around for the light switch but couldn’t find it on the wall, so I decided to just run in, grab my phone and get out of there,” Ashley nodded.

“As soon as I reached my phone I heard this strange…. grunting noise to the left of me.

“I turned on the flashlight app and moved the light all around.

“And there…seated where I had been and the other girl, were two hideous creatures.

“I had no idea what they were but they looked evil, almost demonic,” Ashley said with a scared sob.

“I ran out of there and refused to go back to the CPC building.

“In fact, two weeks later I transferred to a school far away from Bryan altogether.”