3 Mysterious Entities Haunting Cosson Hall

Despite its exciting name, Treasure Island is home to multiple historical landmarks, including the World’s Fair site, a naval station, and air facility.

It’s also where some of the eeriest abandoned places in California are, such as Cosson Hall.

Opened in 1969, this asterisk-shaped building was once the barracks of young male sailors stationed on the island.

3 Mysterious Entities Haunting Cosson Hall

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Updated 9/19/2019 – However, after the naval base was decommissioned in the 1990s, it quickly spiraled into a state of disrepair and became a hotspot for graffiti-loving vandals.

The abandoned building Cosson Hall on Treasure Island is haunted

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While Treasure Island’s Cosson Hall is renowned for its abandoned status, not many people know that its wings come to life by ghostly residents.

Here are some of the entities visitors to the barracks have come across.

The Whistling Soldier

A ghost known as The Whistling Soldier has been seen here at the abandoned Cosson Hall on Treasure Island

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Many of the visitors of Cosson Hall have heard the unofficial song of the U.S. Navy ‘Anchors Aweigh’ whistled by an invisible entity.

Some locals, including a growing group of respected online psychics, say that they saw a man in a white sailor’s uniform pass by them whistling only to disappear once they turn to talk to him.

While the Whistling Sailor isn’t a malevolent entity, he enjoys terrifying people visiting the barracks.

His favorite prank is to stop whistling all of a sudden and run quickly through the empty halls towards visitors, chasing them out of the building altogether.

The Watchman of the Circular Ramp

A ghost called The Watchman patrols this area of the abandoned and haunted building Cosson Hall on Treasure Island

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Right in the middle of the barracks is a central circular ramp.

Currently, it’s where vandals and graffiti artists alike enjoy showing off their artwork.

However, most of the graffiti that was actually completed there was done during day.

Posting anonymously, a few who dared to go there at night mentioned feeling a firm hand grabbing theirs and pulling them away gruffly from the wall.

One person who dared to continue after continuously “chanting that there’s no such thing as ghosts” heard someone growl, “Get out or else” before getting pushed further by what he claims to be the coldest pair of hands he’s ever felt.

This could also explain why no new graffiti has been added recently.

The Spirits in the Trees

The spirits in the trees at Cosson Hall on Treasure Island

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It wasn’t until last year that the trees surrounding Treasure Island’s Cosson Hall were removed.

While records state that they’ve been removed to prepare for the demolition of the building, visitors, especially those who came there for thrills, ghosts, and spirit channeling, revealed another reason.

After 3am, small orbs of light used to shine among the leaves.

One of the nighttime visitors to the old barracks wrote, “All of a sudden, there were lights shining from the trees. 

I was like, we’ll be caught for trespassing soon enough. 

But no one came.

The lights swirled and we could hear muffled laughs coming from there.

My boyfriend swears he saw a man on a nearby limb pointing at us while apparently talking to one of those orbs, but I didn’t see him, so I can’t confirm that.

All I do know is that those trees had something out of this world.”

Though the trees are no longer there, you may get a chance to come across the other two entities residing in Treasure Island’s Cosson Hall or even stumble upon another one.

Just remember to be safe while heading there because there’s a lot we don’t know about the paranormal happenings at the soon-to-be-demolished barracks.

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