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10 Most Haunted Hotels in Northern California

From ‘The Shining’ to ‘1408’, Hollywood has its fair share of hotel horror stories to tell, proving the dark side of what are usually considered luxury accommodations that promise relaxation and peace of mind. However, the stories from real-life haunted hotels are even darker and scarier. Once you check into these, your chances of ever […]

Haunted Placerville: The Ghost Cat of Cary House

Many celebrities have stopped in Placerville, California to visit the Cary House throughout the years. Thankfully none of them have passed away while in the hotel…but unfortunately there are several normal pedestrians who have. Rumor has it that four separate human ghosts haunt this beautiful hotel, and that doesn’t include the ghostly cat, affectionately named […]

The Female Ghosts’ Redemption at the Old Gilroy Hotel

There once was a glamorous hotel located at 7365 Monterey Rd in Gilroy, California. This establishment, known as the Gilroy Hotel, was a popular place for the higher echelon of local society to meet back in the day. Citizens of Gilroy would mingle amongst their peers, discussing the latest gossip and events of the day. […]

The Shape Shifting Ghost at The Dorrington Hotel

In 1850, a gentleman named John Gardner moved to a little town, which is now known as Dorrington, California. A year later, his wife Rebecca Dorrington joined him from Scotland and the couple built an Inn known as Cold Spring Ranch. The ranch served as a stage coach stop for weary travelers on their way to see […]

St George Hotel: Victims of Deadly Fires Still Haunt Volcano, CA

Historically speaking, the town of Volcano, California has had its fair share of bad luck when it comes to hospitality. In 1853, the Eureka Hotel was built, only to be destroyed by a fire a few years later. In 1859 the town tried again, and the Empire Hotel was built at the same location. Repeated […]

Sinister Ghost at the Sutter Creek Inn, or Just a Lost Soul?

Sutter Creek, California is an ideal destination for folks who simply want to get away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life. Nestled in the heart of wine country, and a short distance away from ski resorts and hiking trails, Sutter Creek is perfect for a weekend visit or full-blown California vacation. One of […]

Strange Creature Visits Girl at Night at the Downieville River Inn

The town of Downieville was first established as a result of the gold rush in 1849. Gold was discovered where the town sits to this day, and was named after Major William Downie, the town’s founder. The town grew at an alarming rate over the years, and hotels were in high demand. The Gold Rush Dies…Downieville Remains […]

Forget About Sleeping At The Haunted Hotel Stockton

A historic landmark, the Hotel Stockton at 133 E. Weber Ave. stands out against the modern surroundings of Stockton, California. It is over a century old and has welcomed traveling entertainers and local government officials during its years as a grand hotel and the City of Stockton’s City Hall. But not all of its guests to […]

Nevada City: Paranormal Activity at the National Exchange Hotel

The National Exchange Hotel is one of the treasures of Nevada City. Though it shut down temporarily in 1863, it’s considered one of the oldest continuously operated hotels west of the Rockies. But you’re not here for a history lesson on this famous landmark, are you? You’re here to discover the things that go bump in the […]

Haunted Hotel: Fright Night at the Fallon Hotel

What is it about hotels that just seems to draw paranormal activity like moths to a bug zapper? The equation seems obvious: Time + Volume (of people) = Bad Things Happening. And of course, bad things more often than not seem to precede the existence of paranormal events at a haunted hotel (seldom does one seem to […]

Haunted Hotel: Scary Nights at the Scotia Inn

Scotia, California boasts the lovely Scotia Inn. A place where you can get a good night’s lodging, excellent meals (with adult drinks, if that’s your thing) and, if you’re really lucky, haunted by ghosts during your stay. Most encounters with the ghosts in this haunted hotel have been harmless… In fact, a few have even been downright […]

Mendocino Hotel: Scariest Haunted Place To Stay In California?

The Mendocino Hotel was erected in 1878, and was restored in the mid 1970’s. The beautiful surroundings, the hotel architecture, and the history of the land make this one of the most majestic hotels in Northern California. This was actually the very first location in the area in which lumber was actively harvested. The lumber that was harvested in this area […]

Lonely Men Can’t Resist California Hotel Haunted By Dead Prostitute

In 1908, Alturas, California was in desperate need of a hotel. The town was quickly expanding, and visiting businessmen and developers needed a place to stay. Within a year, the Hotel Niles opened its doors to the public. The Most Beautiful Hotel in Alturas Despite having many years of financial strain and a brush with demolishment, the […]