The Evil Things You’ll See Near This Pinole Road Will Make You Want To Lock Your Doors

Being the second largest highway in the United States, Interstate 80 passes through over 10 different states and has almost 3,000 miles of road for you to drive on.

Updated 2/11/2020 – If you want to go from San Francisco all the way to New Jersey on the eastern side of the country, the I-80 will offer you a fast, straight way to get there. The only problem is that, with such length, this road hides more than what you would like to see with your own eyes.

The many secrets that remain hidden along this extensive interstate highway have not all been discovered yet.

However, there are certain places and side lanes that you might be warned about by the locals of the towns nearby.

This dirt road at the outskirts of Pinole, California is one of them.

The Woman on the Road

If you take the I-80 to depart the small town of Pinole, about ten miles into the highway there is a concealed road on the left that will not show up on your GPS but will be waiting there for you.

You might not want to turn and take it, though, as locals from Pinole say that a long time ago, such terrible things occurred on it that the town’s residents have decided to forget its existence altogether.

“The road ends on a small lake that no one visits anymore”, tells a woman in her late 30s, who then proceeds to clarify what exactly happened by this road, and why it is believed to hold unnerving paranormal energies.

“Back when Pinole was a town of only hundreds of people, a girl went missing for quite a while.

Neither the police nor the searching groups had luck in finding her.

It was only a month later that her body was found on the side of the road, ravaged and torn to pieces.”

“This is the story my mother told me to keep me away from this path, and this is what I say to my children, too”, the woman explains.

No one ever knew what happened to the victim, how she was kidnapped or why she was killed in such a violent way.

Nevertheless, what is told in rumors amongst the local believers is that she never left the place, and lures the drivers deeper into the road, only to end their lives as brutally as someone once ended hers.

An Invitation to Darkness

Something mystical and not entirely safe happening on this bridge.


Our second source, a young man on a motorcycle that lives in the neighbor town of Hercules, relates what he saw the day he lost his way and turned left on the wrong spot.

“I was looking for a nearby ranch where I would be crashing a party with some friends.

The sun had just set, and I drove for a while on the dirt road until I saw someone standing in the middle of the path.”

“I got closer and stopped the motorcycle.

It suddenly got icy cold, I felt my bones freezing and my lips trembling.

A mist was coming out of nowhere, and there she was, amidst it, wearing a long black dress and holding her hand out as if inviting me to go with her”, the man shudders as he remembers.

“I couldn’t move for some time, frozen and perplexed.

But when I saw her walking towards me, I got this strong urge to get out of the place as fast as I could, which I did.”

He was later told by people at the party about the woman on the road, which gave him goosebumps for months.

“That is something you do not want to experience, for sure.

If you see the dirt road when you are leaving Pinole, do yourself a favor and keep driving straight.

You do not want to ever feel the fear I felt that night”, he ends.