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True Horror: Beware Angry Spirits At This Richmond Swimming Pool

Richmond is a Californian city full of swimming pools that offer public access to those who want to enjoy good weather in a place where they can both do some exercise and have fun. One of the best options for those who are visiting or reside in Richmond might be in the outskirts of the […]

Paranormal Lies: They’ll Tell You Not to Be Afraid At This Berkeley Park

Not far from the University of California, Berkeley, there is a beautiful little stretch of public space known as Strawberry Creek Park.  Featuring playground equipment, sports courts and – as the name suggests – a creek which runs through it, this park would seem to be the ideal place to spend an afternoon.  Of course, […]

Your Truest Nightmare: Demons Crave Companionship At This Nortonville Hill

Nortonville, California, used to be a mining community back in the day. Today, Nortonville is a ghost town and part of the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve. Things you can do in Nortonville do not go beyond enjoying wonderful vistas from the hills. However, not everyone who goes to Nortonville returns with their sanity intact. […]

Supernatural Child Checks into the Yosemite View Lodge in El Portal

Surrounded by almost two thousand miles of captivating wilderness, El Portal, California, is located within the famous Yosemite National Park. The Yosemite View Lodge is one of the charming hotels located within the park, allowing guests quick access to trails, hikes and a never ending list of recreational activities. Many guests check into the lodge […]

Susanville Terror: Evil Entity Lurks Inside This Haunted Bar

The St. Francis Bar and Grill is located in the heart of downtown Susanville. This classic style restaurant is housed in a historic building that was built many decades ago. Most Susanville residents have come to St. Francis at some point or other, accompanied by family members or friends. Is Susanville Haunted? Recently, residents of […]

Haunted Crescent City: Beware The McNulty House Apparition

There are many historic homes in Crescent City, California. During the late 1800s many people flocked to the town in order to build their homes and begin their lives. The McNulty house was built in 1897, and was the home of Mr. McNulty and his wife, Lillian. A Dying Wish Lillian outlived her husband by […]

10 Terrifying Paranormal Encounters At The Mono Hot Springs In California

Mono Hot Springs is a gem nestled in the Sierra Nevada in Northern California. It’s the ideal vacation spot if you seek some R&R, especially as it offers hot mineral baths, a spa, and therapeutic hot springs. It’s equally exhilarating for action lovers as it offers boating, hiking, fishing experiences, and much more. But what […]

The Dolls Inside This Haunted Modesto Costume Shop Come Alive At Night

Daydreams and Nightmares is a much beloved costume and Halloween store, located in Modesto, California. From seasonal décor and props, to high quality costumes and supplies for makeup artists, locals swear up and down by this one of kind establishment. The One Stop Halloween Shop in Modesto Dana, the much respected owner of the store, […]

Ghost Of A Young Woman Rests In Open Graves At This California Cemetery

Established in 1855, the Manzanita Cemetery is the oldest burial ground in Placer County. Located in Lincoln, California, a strange legend has developed around the cemetery. It is said that during the late 1800s, Lincoln was the site of a large wildfire. The Untouched Burial Grounds of Lincoln This wildfire supposedly wiped out a majority […]

How Could a Ghost at a California Lake Convince People To Kill Their Friends?

Oroville, a lake located in Butte County, California, is often frequented by young adults, looking for a cheap and easy way to spend a day with friends by the water. Megan (Names have been changed for privacy), a nearby high school student, had just received her license and decided to surprise her friend Monica, by […]

Only The Ghosts of Children Can Find This Hidden Waterfall in California

The Hidden Falls Regional Park, located near Auburn, California, is a 1,200-acre place that offers numerous recreational activities for visitors throughout the year. The park has over 30 miles of trail as well as two observation decks with waterfall views, picnic areas, and swimming and fishing access. The most known paths in the park are […]

Ritualistic Witches Workshop Found At This Paranormal California Park

When most people think of Kenwood, California, their mind naturally wanders to Sugarloaf Ridge. The state park holds a diverse set of natural formations, including a large waterfall, breathtaking canyons and Sonoma Creek. People who pine for adventure enjoy hiking up Bald Mountain, where you can catch glimpses of the Golden Gate Bridge if the […]

California Teen Chased By Eerie Ghost at a Local Skating Rink

Adolescence can be quite an ordeal. Some children grow up with a strong sense of independence, a strong sense of self. But for most young teens, their biggest desire is to become friends with the most popular kids in school. Shrouded in Tales… For Sacramento sophomore Natalie (Names changed for privacy), that was the case. […]

Haunted California Restaurant Is The Only Place In Town To Meet The Devil

For many American families, tradition is a very important and powerful thing. Kyle (Name changed for privacy) and his parents live in Sierra Madre, California, and while they don’t have any cultural traditions, there is one tradition they keep up with every single year. “I’m not sure quite when it started, but for as long […]

Unexplained Paranormal Suffering Is Normal At This California Mansion

In 1856, Gold Rush businessman Sheldon Fogus settled in Sacramento and built what is now known as the Leland Stanford Mansion. A few short years later, Leland and Jane Stanford purchased the property and had it extensively remodeled. The mansion first grew in the public eye when Leland served as Governor of California in 1862. […]

Ghosts Of Fire Victims Terrorize This California Brewery

On August 6, 1975, a fire grew in Manteca, California. The El Rey theatre, nestled in the heart of downtown, was being slowly taken over by flames. Quite ironically, the last film to be shown that evening was Steve McQueen’s Towering Inferno. Alas, the El Rey did not recover. It shut its doors to the […]

Ghost of Death Sits In The Audience At This California Auditorium

Sometimes, there are buildings and houses that, even after humans have passed on, they refuse to leave. One of these places is said to be the Hanford Civic Auditorium in Hanford, California. Originally built in 1924, the auditorium has seen many public events in its day, and a handful of spirits are believed to linger […]

Ghosts Are Tricking Tourists into Killing Themselves at California’s Most Famous Park

Yosemite National Park is the home of some of California’s most famous hiking trails with spectacular vistas. With thousand-foot drop waterfalls, scenic routes, mountain peaks and valleys, Yosemite is a wild place. Over the years, visitors have disappeared among the trails or plummeted to their deaths by slipping on wet stones or falling over protective […]

Evil Spirits Of Creepy Old Men Haunt This California Playground At Night

The small city of Clovis in the state of California may not be as known as its neighbor city, Fresno, but it’s still quite famous for sitting at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, making it the “Gateway to the Sierras” as it is commonly called. A distinct place in this city for […]

Dead Alumni Still Gather At This Club In California

In 1911, women in the Suisun City area decided to form a non-profit organization. The group aimed to improve various endeavors within the community. This organization, thereby known as The Wednesday Club, built a makeshift headquarters in order to host meetings and local events. One of the Oldest Organizations in Suisun Now, the Wednesday Club […]

9 Haunted Spots In Northern California Where You Can Camp On The Beach

If your dream camping trip involves the sun, sand, and maybe your RV, you’re in for a treat. There are many great spots for you to go beach camping in Northern California. Almost all of these have great facilities which you can enjoy with your loved ones. But beware – some of the best beachfront […]

The Ghost Of A Dead Boy Haunts This California Hiking Trail

The community of Modesto, California, prides itself on being fairly active. As a result, many running and hiking trails have been created through the town and surrounding county. But some trails are more well-known than others. The Legend of the Modesto Farm Hand The Dry Creek Running Trail is quite popular, but not necessarily for […]

A Frightening Terror Haunts This B&B in Calistoga

Many Americans travel to Calistoga, California throughout the year, visiting family, friends, or to have a laid back vacation under the California sun. As a result of tourism, Calistoga has many hotels and bed and breakfasts for impending guests. The Elms Bed and Breakfast was once among them. A Calistoga Haunting This once charming B&B […]

10 Paranormal Things To Do In Fresno This Weekend

Do you live in central California? Are you looking for things to do in Fresno this weekend? Well, we’ve got you covered. Whether you want to spend your Saturday doing something fun with the family, or you’re in the mood for a peaceful afternoon of solitude, these ten places in Fresno are particularly noteworthy…and are […]

Beware The Blood Drenched Ghost Lurking at Niles Canyon Road

Many people consider Fremont, California to be a safe and happy town. However, a terrible tragedy occurred during the 1920s—and Fremont has never fully recovered. It was a beautiful day, and a local woman decided to take a stroll outside. Fremont’s Very Own Lady in White She wound up by a bend in Niles Canyon […]

Ghost of Dead Sailor Awaits You at the Point Sur Lighthouse

During the late 1800s many sailors and ships near Big Sur began a petition to have a lighthouse built along the coastline. Due to the natural jagged rock of the area, many ships would travel between the large stone outcroppings to avoid rough currents during swells—only to dash against the unseen rocks and sink to […]

10 Scariest Haunted Things To Do In San Jose This Weekend

There are plenty of things to do in San Jose this weekend, but if you’re looking for a place to hunt a ghost or two, look no further than these ten gems located in the beautiful city. Whether you’re looking to explore a garden or an educational museum, these local attractions are also known to […]

Phantom Woman Lurks In The Dark At The Stonehouse Brewery

In 1882, a Nevada City, California businessman named George Gehrig hired workers to begin construction on a large granite building. Chinese immigrants and Italian stonemasons were hired to help with building, including the construction of tunnels that ran underneath the facility. Several decades later, the building was the site of Stonehouse Brewery, which lasted from 1850 […]

Move To These 7 Small Towns In Northern California If You Love The Paranormal

Many people considering a move to California decide to head north, in the hopes of getting out of the hustle and bustle of ordinary city life. But between the historical museums and buildings, and the antiquated and charming traditions of town life, there is the occasional ghost or supernatural entity. Still, despite their paranormal forms, these small […]

Native American Spirits Lurk at Live Oak Park in Berkeley

Berkeley, California is home to one of the oldest established public parks in the area. Live Oak Park, which sits just outside of Berkeley, is 5.5 acres of art, recreation and natural beauty. From basketball and tennis courts, to a theater and art center, Live Oak is a place where the local community can rally […]

7 Paranormal Trails You Must Hike in Northern California Before You Die

Each year, hundreds of people escape their chaotic, everyday lives to explore the fresh air, gorgeous villas and numerous vineyards that have all become iconic symbols of Northern California. But Northern Cali is not just home to charming homes and exquisite wine. Below is a list of hikes and trails that exhibit various types of paranormal phenomena. Seven Paranormal Trails […]

Visit These 7 Haunted Northern California Towns at Your Own Risk

In 1848, the state of California was forever changed when a man named James Marshall found gold in Coloma. Mines were created, towns were built and California became an official part of the United States. But when the gold rush died down, several towns did not survive. Today we examine those and other abandoned towns in Northern California […]

Dead Man Lives in the Pictures at Mary Aaron Museum in Marysville

In 1856, an architect named Warren Miller completed building a house for his family in Marysville, California. Known for his gothic revival style, Miller built many houses in Marysville and made a decent fortune before moving to New York. The Aaron family moved in shortly after. The Aaron Family of Historic Marysville Frank Aaron was a beloved […]

What Haunts the Moose Lodge in Turlock, California?

Turlock, California is home to one of the many Moose Lodges scattered across the United States. Moose is a fraternity which was first established by Dr. Henry Wilson in 1888. The primary purpose of this organization is to aid communities, children and the disabled. Serving the Turlock Community Turlock has been a Moose location for […]

Haunted Benicia: The Puppet Master Pulls The Strings At Sailor Jack’s

California residents often flock to Benicia for its beautiful ocean views, and delicious seafood. Sailor Jack’s has become a reputable restaurant in the area, with amazing cuisine and a full service bar. Guests claim the waterfront view is to die for. A Horrifying Ordeal Originally named Captain Blythers, the restaurant first opened in 1868. Unlike […]

Watsonville: The Crying Ghost of Dusty Treasures Antiques Store

The Dusty Treasures Antiques and Collectables store first opened many decades ago in Watsonville, California. Located in the historic Tuttle Mansion built in 1899, the house itself was the perfect setting for the goods on sale. Antique furniture, vintage items and expensive collectibles were all housed at this hidden gem of a store. The Most […]

Haunted Chowchilla Library: A Ghost and the Deadly Turmeric Tea

In 1977, Chowchilla, California opened its own county library. The Chowchilla library continues to serve the local community to this day, with numerous book collections, periodicals and meeting rooms. But if the library didn’t open until 1977, what stood on site prior to construction? The Chowchilla Tea House That Had No Name Rumor has it that a […]

10 Scariest Haunted Roads In Northern California

Have you ever driven down a dark, scary road, late at night? A road in Northern California that was said to be haunted. What would you do if you were driving down that road and suddenly a dark figure appeared in front of your car? Would you dare to stop the car and reach out to that figure? Or […]

Magalia: The Depot Café and Restaurant Has a Sinister Past

The Depot Café and Restaurant is centrally located in the small northern California town of Magalia. Originally, the Depot Café and Restaurant was a train depot through which they stored inactive trains waiting patiently for repair. This is a vast adjustment from where it stands today, making delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner items. Visitors to the […]

Chowchilla: Home to the Most Haunted Grocery Store in America

Stephen King once asked in a novel, can an entire town be haunted? Welcome to Chowchilla, California, a place which might be just that. While its population is only around fifteen thousand, Chowchilla nevertheless sports not one but two institutions of lower learning: the Central California Women’s Facility and the Valley State Prison. Furthermore, the name Chowchilla […]

Haunted Chico: Laxson Auditorium Performers See Ghosts

In 1930, California State University began its construction on Laxson Auditorium in Chico. A little over a year later, staff members held their first assembly in the brand new auditorium, to install new student body officers. Every year, the auditorium hosts thousands of programs from student organizations, including musical and dance performances, and theatrical productions. In […]

Terrors at the Little-Known Ohlone Burial Grounds in Fremont

All over the web, you’re bound to hear stories about the haunted Mission San Jose in Fremont. The ghosts of those who died tragically due to fires and earthquakes have been attracting fans of the paranormal for decades. But there’s one little-known haunted spot at Washington and Paseo Padre that’s even scarier. If you go down […]

Haunted Alameda: Ghost Seen Dancing at Kofman Auditorium

The Kofman Auditorium was built in 1903 and is located in Alameda, CA. This structure was home to many ballet and theater shows. The locals have always considered the it one of the best playhouses in the area. The Tragic Tale of the Kofman Auditorium Ballerina in Alameda This auditorium is also part of Alameda High School, where […]

Haunted Visalia: Have You Seen The Fox Theatre Ghost?

During the 1930s, when the Fox Theatre in Visalia was a new and exciting attraction, it featured live performances as well as popular reels of the time. As television became more and more accessible, the cinema’s focus moved towards new release feature films. By the mid-1970s, it was no longer a mecca of variety entertainment. Amateur performers in […]

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