Ghost of a Businessman Haunts His Home in Fort Lauderdale

In 1901, a year after he had married a local teacher named Ivy, businessman Frank Stranahan built a trading post on the New River located in Fort Lauderdale.

Having developed the reputation of being a fair trader to the Seminole Indians, Frank’s business and property continued to prosper.

Ghost of a Businessman Haunts His Home in Fort Lauderdale

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Updated 2/10/2020 – By 1906 the need for a larger trading post was imminent, and the former building became the private residence for the Stranahan family.

The Haunted Residence of the Stranahan Family

Frank Stranahan had a bright future—that is until 1926 when Florida’s land-related economy crumbled.

Frank lost a lot of money in his property and was put under further strain when the area was severely damaged by two hurricanes.

Frank committed suicide by drowning in the river outside the house three years later.

After Ivy’s death in 1971, the community rallied together to create a museum within Stranahan house.

Since then, reports of hauntings and strange paranormal experiences have been quite common.

For local journalist Kelly, her encounter in the house was not a welcome one.

“I was interning at the local paper at the time, and was asked for an interest piece of my own choosing.

“I’ve always loved the Stranahan house, so I elected to cover it as my topic,” Kelly explained.

“When I told the docent I was writing a piece for the paper, she allowed me private access to the home.

“She told me she would wait for me in the kitchen, should I have any questions.

“I meandered from room to room, jotting observations down on a little notepad.

Frank Reclaims His Part of Fort Lauderdale

“I was examining details of the dining room when I heard a door slowly open above my head.

“I thought perhaps the docent had forgotten something up there and had gone down to get it.

“I had a question about the building’s structure, so I decided to go upstairs and ask her.

“I made my way up the stairs and clearly saw which door she had opened, because it still swayed a little from the hallway’s open window.

“’Excuse me, Ms.?’ I called out as I walked toward the door.

“But she didn’t reply,” Kelly murmured.

“I got to the door and pushed it the rest of the way open.

“Judging by the furniture and décor, I guessed it was where Frank and Ivy slept during their time.

“I walked into the room, puzzled that the docent wasn’t in there like I had assumed.

“I figured it was windier out than I had thought—the door had been shifting in the breeze after all.

“Memorized by the items in the room, I walked in further, my question entirely forgotten.

Ghost of a Businessman Haunts His Home in Fort Lauderdale

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“I was examining the detailing of the dresser when I felt this cold breath on the side of my neck.

“I turned my head and saw the face of a grotesque looking man, hovering right behind me,” Kelly said, looking mortified.

“His skin was grey and he looked at me from sunken eyes, and his breathing quickened as he reached out a hand to touch my shoulder.

“It felt so cold and wet—as if someone had touched a fish to my skin.

“I cried bloody murder and jerked away from his touch.

“I nearly fell down the stairs I moved so fast.

“I ran straight through the house and out the door,” Kelly gestured.

“I heard the docent calling after me, but I was too petrified to stop.

“The next morning I told my boss that I would be selecting another Fort Lauderdale attraction as my interest piece.”


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