Haunted Alpine: The Dead Wear Masks At The Holland Hotel

In 1928, a hotel was built in Alpine, Texas.

For over eighty years, the Holland Hotel served the local community and visitors in the area.

However, in 2011 owners and staff rallied together to revive this rustic hotel.

Haunted Alpine: The Dead Wear Masks At The Holland Hotel

Photo credit: flickr/corinnawitt

Alpine is Home to a Strange Ghost

Updated 2/11/2020 – Modern amenities were integrated into the hotel, all the while maintaining the original integrity of the hotel.

But renovations are known to stir up spirits that linger in a specific area or building.

And it’s been said that while construction at Holland was necessary to keep business alive, it’s been rumored that it has awakened spirits within the hotel.

It has been said that the ghost of a woman and her child have been seen lingering on the third floor.

These sightings have been mere speculation—but one woman has come forward about her encounter with these paranormal entities.

Alicia had been at the Holland for only a night when she ran into these spirits.

“I had attended a friend’s wedding just outside of town,” she said.

“It was late when I returned to my hotel room, and I definitely had had a few drinks,” she admitted.

“When I opened my door, I found a very bizarre photograph laying on the floor.

“The picture was clearly very old and showed a strange woman standing outside of town.

“She had a stuffed animal in one hand and a baby doll in the other…

“…And if that wasn’t creepy and odd enough, she had a papier mache mask on that covered her face.

Haunted Alpine: The Dead Wear Masks At The Holland Hotel

Photo via: imgur.com

“My first guess was that the woman in the photograph was mentally ill.

“But regardless of who she was, I had no idea why it was put underneath my door.

“In my semi-drunk state, I assumed someone had mistaken my room number for someone else’s.

“During that night, I woke up to hearing the sound of fingernails scratching at the back of the bathroom door.”

If Only She Could Sleep…

“I was scared a rat had gotten into my room, but I still had to check it out!” she cried.

“But when I jerked the door open, nothing was there.

“The scratching started again the moment I laid down in the bed.

“Frustrated and confused, I told myself that maybe I had overlooked a small hole in the bathroom wall and that the rat or mouse—or whatever it was—darted back into the hole when I turned the light on,” Alicia reasoned.

“I figured the only way to get some sleep would be to keep the bathroom light on during the night.

“I flipped the switch on then shut the door again, so I could get some sleep.

“I had just fallen asleep once more when the scratching started one last time.

“Angry, I sat up in the bed, glaring at the door.

“I was about to make a complaint to the concierge when a new noise started up from the bathroom.

“I looked at the gap at the bottom of the door and saw something pale and solid being slowly pushed into the room,” she gestured, looking anxious by the memory.

“There, sitting on the floor was the same exact mask I had seen the woman in the photograph wearing.

“Then it kind of just disintegrated into the floor as if it never existed.

“I was supposed to stay in Alpine for two more nights, but I left that night—completely unnerved.”


209 West Holland Avenue
Alpine, TX
United States